Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More from the coast...............

Stunning Saturday morning sunrise at Carolina Beach.

Respect for the delicate, shifting, protecting dunes 
is so important along this beautiful North Carolina coast..........frequent storms and 
hurricanes often cause havoc. The dunes are precious to the future of the shore, and those who 
choose to live and work there.

Leave a gentle footprint in the sand...........

Beautiful seabirds.....................

Always fun and interesting, a visit to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher, Kure Beach.

This is Luna, one of less than 50 albino alligators known to exist in the world. 
Both parents must carry the albino gene to produce albino offspring. 
She is now 7 years old, approximately 7 feet 
long, and growing rapidly. She will soon be moved to 
a larger pond, meanwhile she lives a quiet, safe 
life.........it is rare for an albino to survive in the 
wild with no natural protection from the sun, and an 
easy catch for predators when first hatched.

A great sign at the aquarium.........

...........and beautiful fish.

 Grab the sandals, roll up the pants, nothing sweeter than walking the beach..............

Pics of us via Jasmin

Yes, a beach weekend in Autumn is always special. 


  1. Beautiful photos, Mary...especially the last one! And I enjoyed the tour of the aquarium with you...very interesting story of the albino alligator. I love the beach any time of the year! I'm glad you had a special day with Bob.


  2. Oh I just love the beach in an off season such as Autumn or even Winter. Beautiful photos, especially the ones with you and with Bob in them. What a lovely visit to the beach.

  3. What a great time you had at Carolina Beach!! Looks like the weather cooperated for you! I love aquariums!!

  4. Beautiful! It looks amazingly relaxing to walk along the beach. And I especially love the photo of the turtle!!!

  5. Mary, We always head to the beach in the winter. I am a child of the water. It calls my name and soothes my soul. Bonnie

  6. The beach looks SO beautiful, thanks for sharing :) Cheers Judy xx

  7. Morning Mary, the visit to the beach looks wonderful. I think you are in for a shock when you come to the UK for Christmas. The weather here in some parts has been terrible especially in Devon & Cornwall.

    Hope where you are staying has a wonderful log fire and plenty of spirit and that you have a great time.
    Love Jackie in Surrey with new blog!! http://jackieinsurrey.wordpress.com/

  8. More beautiful beach shots to linger over, how clever of you & Bob to colour coordinate your beach walking outfits to match the scenery!

    1. Ha, ha!!! You're showing your French fashion eye here Maggie...............
      Actually, arriving at the hotel and finding warm sunshine awaiting, we threw on what came to hand just so we could get out there and enjoy the afternoon. I was glad I tucked a pair of Summer crops in my bag. You're right though, guess we did blend in with the shoreline colors........and it was such a lovely weekend.

  9. Love all the beautiful pictures.


  10. Beautiful shots of a beautiful beach, Mary. We have to bundle up quite a bit more to walk our beaches these days. But it's still beautiful out there!

  11. How relaxing! Love the warning sign. The last pic of you and Bob is beautiful.


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