Saturday, November 3, 2012

When in Turkey.....................

...........drink Turkish coffee while enjoying the view from the port. Our beautiful (in every way) ship, Crystal Serenity, docked at Kusadasi yesterday. Gateway to the stunning ruins of Ephesus, we toured under cloudy skies and light showers, and then enjoyed the waterfront.

If you like it is!

We are so loving this ship and the cruise..............I'll be posting a lot more on my return. Here in our stateroom this morning - sunny skies and calm sea outside the window - taking a few minutes just to say hello as we cruise the Dardanelles toward Istanbul where we dock tomorrow and will spend several days enjoying all the lovely city has to offer.


  1. Oh my. No coffee for me thanks. It looks very strong. Did you enjoy it? Happy sailing!

  2. So glad you are having a marvelous time, dear one! But I miss you, too! Gorgeous pictures!


  3. That's my country. You should be travelling back again to İzmir, Trabzon, Antep, Adana. Spare two months and I'll help you :)

  4. I've just begun to drink coffee. I had always preferred tea. The coffee you show looks so strong, I would be awake for a week. Enjoy your travels Mary. I don't comment often I know, but I am following your travels, and wishing I had your stamina! Enjoy!

  5. Mary, you will so enjoy Istanbul. It is magical! Ephesus is an amazing sight. Safe travels..........Sarah

  6. Turkey is one of my favourite countries. I've travelled all over it and love it.

    And I know you will LOVE Istanbul.

    What a wonderful itinerary you have.

    Is Bob enjoying it too?

    Sft x

  7. Dear I miss you so much!! Hope you are enjoying this wonderful time! I keep seeing glimpses of Turkey as new Brazilian soap takes place over there. Wonderful rugs, beautiful scenarios... Can't till you're back to hear all about the trip. Love you, Vanessa

  8. This just sounds like a cruise I would love. Just beautiful!

  9. It's good to see you! Love the earrings, by the way.


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