Thursday, November 15, 2012

Never a bridge too far............

"Buongiorno". Waking up in Venice was a dream come true. On our second day I was ready to get moving by 7 AM. A chill in the early air was refreshing outside our beautiful garden room. I walked to the lagoon dock, pigeons were circling overhead and the early morning water taxis approaching through the mist.
Our plan was to find a light breakfast on our walk to the Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square) area.

We love to walk in cities to get the true feeling of place.....throw on casual clothes, comfortable footwear and off we go.  Here in Venice the water taxis are always available, but just walking through the streets, alongside the canals and over the bridges - did I tell you there are 400 of them - is what we did.

The local delivery people were already hauling their 
goods across the bridges............

.....motor boats were picking up hotel laundry.....

........the washing was strung along walls and across 
the canals.........

 ....traditionally garbed gondoliers were offering gondola 
rides, at a price!

We walked about a half hour just taking everything in 
along the way, then reached Dal Mas (since 1906), a 
beautifully appointed Pasticceria where our hotel 
receptionist told us she stops on 
her way to work..........

....and we had to agree, these were the best almond 
pastries ever, still warm from the oven, and the 
Cappuccino was excellent.

We stood up at a tiny raised round table, no chairs in the small space, and noticed most customers seemed to be on their way to work. We always love this type of establishment where you can hear the banter between the staff and regulars......even when you don't speak the language!

Not too long before the crowds were out, and shopping 
had begun...................

.....beautiful mask shops were everywhere.......the 
authentic ones with the actual artists working inside.....

........but we were able to find more quiet streets to walk along, and let me tell you, getting lost in Venice is FUN and it's easy to eventually find your way while experiencing so much beauty as you wind your way along the canals.

Soon we reached the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal 
area of the busy city.......

...and not far from there, our destination for 
the morning, Piazza San Marco.


  1. Oh my goodness, such fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing them with us. Can't get enough of Venice! :-)

  2. Beautiful photos, makes me feel like I am there! Cheers Judy xx

  3. I am reliving my memories there through you Mary. Your photos are so beautiful.

  4. Mary, it seems as though you and Bob were having the time of your lives! Your pictures are lovely, and you're looking great (so glad you've been feeling better!). I haven't been to Venezia in over 40 years, but much df it doesn't change. I am anxious to see your picture of Piazza San Marco and hear of the chimes and the pigeons. LOL, there is a story there (for another day!!). Hugs, Cathy

  5. Mary, your posts about Venice are making me long for a little trip. ;-) Actually, we plan to visit Venice next spring if we follow through with our trip. Now that we have Sadie, we are not as eager to travel. LOL Fun to see you and Bob enjoying life together. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend. I'm thankful that we share a friendship across the miles........Sarah

  6. Thanks Mary for the beautiful experience of your travels. It's as if I was there with you. Just LOVE those mask's! It sure would be a fabulous place to see.

  7. Such wonderful, wonderful photos. I don't know when I have enjoyed a blog so much as yours. All of your travels are just super! Thanks for sharing. Farm Gal in VA

  8. First, that photo of you and Bob is wonderful. I love it. That is the perfect Christmas card photo.
    Loved walking with you along the canals. Oh I should have given you the name and address of a glass blower there. How I want to visit there again someday and this very glass blower. The pastry shop looks wonderful and I can just imagine the almond pastry with your morning coffee. What a wonderful visit.

  9. Fabulous! Definitely my favorite place in the whole world! I dream of being back there... someday... Coffee is in the pot, just waiting for your arrival! Love, Vanessa

  10. Good morning Mary, I am way behind with visiting my friends this past year. I am not surprised to see you are on a holiday in Venus. How wonderful for you. Your photos and commentary are a delightful read. I have missed visiting you very much. With winter coming I am hopeful to get back to visiting much more often. Venus is a stunning city. Lucky you. Smile.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving where ever you are.

    Blessings and love, Jeanne

  11. I've enjoyed my walk around with you Mary, you visit the coolest places.
    I was thinking...if I lived in Venice I would ask friends to 'drop in' anytime ;o)
    Rose H

  12. Your photos of Venice are awesome! I enjoyed every one and wish I could taste one of those almond pastries! Your look so stylish too; wish I had your fashion sense.

  13. I wonder how much of the washing ends up in the canal. Glad to see a picture of yourself and hubby.


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