Thursday, November 29, 2012

Living at the beach............

......I wouldn't want a big modern house at the beach. 

My idea of beach living would be some place like this........a little, old fashioned, "beach cottage". Perhaps painted pale pink, aqua, or sunny yellow....with a front porch to place my brightly painted rocking chairs where I'd sit and watch the people pass by on their way to the beach and the blue Atlantic beyond. Here I could shake off the sand without concern for messing up a fancy house. 
I'd have a pot of healthy vegetarian soup on the stove most days, and out back a small grill to enjoy some local fresh caught flounder and shrimp now and then. The tea kettle would be ready to boil, and if there had been no time to bake a cake, the vintage tin filled with chocolate-dipped almond biscotti would always be available. 
The furniture would be comfy, slipcovered, and the wood floors painted white. Life would stay simple, easy going, and of course you'd all be invited to stop by when driving through door would always be open.

Yes, this small house would be perfect..............wonder if they'd be willing to sell!

If I was a small beach bird, this pink house seen 
in the garden at the NC Aquarium would be my home......

.........or if already taken I would snuggle in this rustic nesting box nearby for the season.

Driving around the beach and looking at the houses is 
always fun.....this one was colorful and 
obviously the home of artistic, crafty, 
"use it up, wear it out, make it do, or go without" types.....loved it.

This vintage camper in their garden was great - can you read that sign - Just Another Day in PARADISE! - 
and I know each day at the North Carolina coast is just that.......

....and their bird houses, decorating the now leafless tree, 
what a great idea.

Is there a particular spot where would you'd like to 
have a beach house?  
East or West coast, if you're in the USA or Canada?  

How about all my friends in Europe, where would you choose?  

Australia and New Zealand - how about sharing your favorite 
beach with us, there are some beautiful ones out there.


  1. That was lovely, Mary.
    The thing about having lived in so many places, is that I can imagine myself just about anywhere. I've spent weeks in a little Somerhus on the coast of Jutland and months in a bungalow in Cape Breton. I know I'd be happy in a little clapboard cottage in Maine, but I've also enjoyed a funny little house near Galveston. What they all have in common is a lack of pretension - no McMansion-by-the-Sea for me, thank you!

  2. Mine would be on the Med coast side of France almost on the border with Spain in one of the pretty little villages that litter the shore there.

    Shame I will never have that pleasure but I can dream!!

  3. I am already parked outside of your front door! I'm there! Ha!

    I grew up in Long Beach, CA. SoCal has a plenitude of cozy beach-side cottages! I would not want to live in a mansion either.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Could I have more than one? I'd love a beach cottage here on the west coast of Canada, on Vancouver Island. I love watching the wild waves on a blowy day such as today, and also watching the sun sparkle on the water when it's sunny out. Then, when the cold and grey got to be just too much, I'd love an even tinier cottage somewhere warm and bright, perhaps Spain or France. It's so hard to choose, but so much fun to think about!

  5. How fun is that little cottage with all the whimsical decor in the yard??! I would love a cottage along the shore in St. Andrew's by the Sea, which I have blogged about often. However, it doesn't have nice sandy beaches or warm waters to wade in so perhaps I'd choose a cottage along the Northumberland Strait of New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island where the sand and water are so lovely. Your taste in cottages is the same as mine. :) Enjoy your day. Pamela

  6. Mary, I love the beach. I will be headed to one of my favorite beaches, Seaside, is just about a month. Winter's respite. I, too, love the older beach cottages. Your description sounds so inviting. I'll bring the chocolate chip cookies, if you will brew the tea. Bonnie

  7. I love your beach, but I would choose Southern California somewhere where the sun shines bright and gentle breezes blow. I would have the biscotti and tea ready also. In the meantime I will come and visit the east coast and share a cup of tea and a biscotti anytime if dreams could come true.

  8. Having grown up in SoCal, I think I would love to have a beachside cottage near either San Diego or Santa Barbara. But then a getaway cottage in Cornwall would be nice, too! Thank you for such a lovely post, Mary!

  9. I just found your blog and love your photographs from alround the world. Although the sea can look cold I think the beaches of the South West of England and the remote Highlands of Scotland take some beating. I watched the sun rising over the sea this morning and my dream would be able to wake to this view every morning. Sarah x

  10. Dear Mary, I would choose our beach house in Ensenada, Mex! We have a house right on the beach! We have had homes in this particular location for 27 years! The land is owned by a wonderful family that are very good friends of ours! Our kids grew up going to Ensenada! I know Mexico can be scary in some areas, but where we are is very safe! Yes, this is the beach house I love to visit! And if you ever take a Mexican cruise, come visit us! We see the cruise ships come into port weekly! Take care! I love your blog site! It's so much fun to travel with you!
    Darlene from Calif.

  11. Such wonderful homes, each one a gem and so quirky too! My spot would have to be on South Forest Beach, HHI, I know just the house I'd buy there, if we ever win the Loto!


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