Saturday, December 1, 2012

Islands..........A FAVORITE THING

Much of my life seems to have revolved around islands. Born and grew up on one, visited many, from warm Hawaii to cold sub-Antarctic..............sharing some recent pics here of the stunningly beautiful Venetian islands.

Boating out from Piazza San Marco on a short trip to see the islands of Murano and Burano. Above shows the infamous enclosed limestone Bridge of Sighs(Ponte dei Sospiri), built in 1602, connecting the prison to the interrogation rooms in the Doge's Palace.  
The bridge was given its name by Lord Byron, suggesting that prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice through the barred windows before being taken to their cells.

Water was a bit choppy but sun was shining on the city 
as we crossed Bacino di San Marco, and circled around 
into the Venetian Lagoon where the islands are situated.

Arriving at Murano first, we had a quick visit to a glass 
blowing studio - no flash pics permitted so didn't manage 
to take any worthwhile ones - then into the shops to look 
at glass creations which left one in awe - 
from gigantic chandeliers to the tiniest glass 
beads full of brilliant color and beauty. 
Murano was settled by the Romans in the 
6th century as a fishing port. All Venetian glassmakers 
were forceably moved from Venice to Murano in the 
12th century to prevent fires in the city. 

Next island was Burano which was my favorite. As the daughter 
of an accomplished dressmaker, being handy myself with a 
needle my entire life has made me love anything to do with sewing!  Burano is all about lace.

Sadly, lacemaking by hand with needles is now rare as it is extremely time-consuming and therefore very expensive. 
This lovely lady, a lace maker her entire life, demonstrated 
for us, while her smiling husband poured 
small glasses of the best ever Prosecco (BelStar) along with 
tiny butter cookies called Burano Biscuits. 

Burano is also known for it's brightly painted buildings along the canals. The colors of the houses follow a specific system.  If someone wants to paint their home a request must be sent to the government who will respond with colors permitted for that particular lot.

We were surprised by a funeral procession slowly moving 
along this canal.

Always walls in beautiful colors, and many religious items.

Bob and me enjoying the warm sunshine as we discovered 
the small back water canals - and my lovely lacy grey scarf, 
a Burano gift from Paula - to remind me of the special day.

Heading back to Venice................... 

............island hopping always fun, and never more beautiful than here! Definitely A FAVORITE THING.

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  1. Your posts are like a travelogue -- wonderful pictures and great stories. I love reading your blog!

  2. That's an island I've never visited. The brightly-coloured houses remind me of Newfoundland, in an odd way.
    Like you, I was born on an island, and I recall that what attracted me to your blog, way-back-when was that you had a book listed on your sidebar - one set on Cape Breton Island, which is my birthplace. Islands work their magic on some people - I'm one of them. I love living on an island, even one as big as this one.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. I envy you your travels, as I would love to travel all over the globe. There is so much I haven't seen. The colors of these houses are beautiful. I love seeing the washing hanging out to dry from various windows!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week, my friend.


  4. Wonderful! Brings back fond memories of a trip to Venice with my brother (a gift!) where we enjoyed much walking about. We then caught the Orient Express to London.

    This is one of my first stops here at your blog. I see we have both been fortunate to have had lots of travel in our lives.

  5. Beautiful photos Mary. It would be so interesting to visit a glass blowing studio in Murano and to see the beautiful handmade laces. The canal scenes are beautiful and so colourful. Enjoyed the tour. Hugs, Pamela

  6. beautiful pictures. Wish i could go there! maybe Santa will bring me a plane ticket!!

  7. Beautiful pictures, Mary! Your commentary flows right along with them making them even more interesting to see.

    I noticed your pretty scarf right away, you stylish lady! How sweet of Paula to gift you with it!


  8. Oh Mary such beautiful colors. The vividly colored buildings remind me of the doors I so loved in Ireland. I want the lovely lace butterfly. So many of the hand arts are sadly dying. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Bonnie

  9. Oh Mary, I adore this post! So very lovely and I feel like I was there with you, guided by your gorgeous photos. My mother dreamed of going to Venice her whole life - thankfully she did make it to a few countries but sadly never made it to Venice - and I wish she was still here and could read your wonderful post. And how fantastic to get to observe the lace maker in action!

    Happy weekend to you!

  10. Dearest Mary, once again, I have really enjoyed 'coming along' with you! The lace butterfly is amazing, but I'd have bought some (small) piece of glass home ;o)
    Rose H

  11. I have enjoyed this so much. I have read about Murano before on Britt's blog.

    I've always thought it was on and island.

  12. Dear Mary
    Oh Venice - beautiful, romantic, inspiring!
    That special light in your first two images is wonderful Mary, a dream for artists.
    I loved just walking the streets and having a peek in the Venetians lives.
    Love the pretty grey scarf from Paula - isn't she such a dear friend.
    Shane ♥

  13. Oh memories here today. How I loved Burano also. We visited Murano, but it was Burano that stole my heart. We practically ran to see as much as possible in the short time we were there. The lace, the beautiful colors of the buildings, and a wonderful bakery we found there. Thanks for the memories.

  14. Wonderful shots of the colourful homes along the canals and the amazing Venetian architecture. One day I hope to visit Venice again and spend time touring the islands but until then dear Mary I'll experience it through your travelogues. Thank you for taking us along with you on your travels.


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