Friday, December 14, 2012

Candlelight...........A FAVORITE THING

I must confess......

 I have an candles.

A couple of years ago I broke down under pressure and decided during a pre-holiday visit to Restoration Hardware - where I love just about everything but have nowhere in this small cottage home for most of the over sized furniture, or a billfold to match - that I would invest in some permanent battery-operated candles. They are really great. Made of wax and quite realistic, they can be set to 'burn' for several hours and then turn themselves off, even flicker similar to a live flame, are odorless which is good for those with allergies, and of course are extremely safe. 

Also they were on sale, thankfully.

They look fine with my mercury glass for the holidays or special occasions, but somehow don't inspire me the way a real candle does. I enjoy lighting the real thing and later extinguishing it with my cute brass candle snuffer......perhaps because my dear mother gave it to me. It brings back memories of times she was still here to come and visit, and bought me little gifts for my home. As the candle burns down I like to trim the wick, breathing in the smell of the wax, and sometimes a subtle perfume, it seems old fashioned and friendly.............., guess what I couldn't resist when looking around 
at Pier 1 last week.......

 ..........this lovely candle.

Being a bird lover - and a candle addict - it was definitely coming home with me.

Do you enjoy using candles in your home?
The real thing, or have you purchased the permanent ones?
Which do you prefer?


Linking to Mockingbird Hill Cottage where once again we join in Claudia's Saturday fun. Stop by to see all the pretty Christmas blog posts.

Edited: Tonight, like me, perhaps YOU can light a candle in memory of the many children and adults who were taken from this world far too soon. The tragedy in Connecticut today has impacted all of us...........please remember them and think of their families and loved ones, they need our prayers.


  1. Where have i been?! I didn't know you could get faux candles made of wax and that you can set the time for them to be on!

    Love your candle acquisition with the bird, so very pretty!

  2. I do love candles. I am more of the unscented type, but do love some subtle scented candles. I bought the battery operated ones to put in lanterns on my front porch during Christmas. The are on a timer and I don't have to worry about burning the house down, by leaving them on outside.

    Otherwise, I do use real candles in the house.
    p.s. of course mine are all still packed in boxes.

  3. I think that candle would have come home with me too. Your things are beautiful ~ including your header. Merry Christmas.

  4. I love real candles Mary. Although I admit I too have a few of the flickering battery operated ones, but replacing the batteries can be costly. Would rather buy the real ones on sale. Merry Christmas.

  5. My MOM had a candle snuffer and at Christmas time it was the greatest treat as a child to be able to use the snuffer! Totally forgot about that until I read your post! :)

  6. I do love candles, especially those that have a pine scent. I haven't purchased any of the battery operated candles as of yet, but I've been reading about them on various blogs and think they just might be the thing for me!

    That candle is gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week, my friend.


  7. Your new candle is so pretty!
    Judy xx

  8. I love your sweet bird on a candle Mary :o)
    I like to have lit candles, but not when hubs is about as they affect is asthma. I do have some that I cannot bring myself to light, and I do also have the everlasting variety, which I occasionally use.
    I have lit a real one tonight though...R I P dear children and teachers.

    Rose H

  9. I adore burning real candles all winter long. I think for next year I may need one of the battery ones to light when my grandson is here, as they are safe. But for this year they are real. I sometimes light a candle when I have breakfast, especially on a dark, rainy morning. Yes, the new candle is just perfect for you and makes a perfect Christmas decoration.


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