Thursday, December 6, 2012

Always look up..................

How mortifying is this!  
A busy year of traveling around the globe has wreaked havoc on the cottage. With no housekeeper or maid service, cleaning has become somewhat sporadic and what gets done is by yours truly in those couple of weeks in between trips. We are either packing or unpacking with piles laundry in between, all of which make dust, a lot of dust..........but we are seeing the world so something has to give!

A couple of days ago, I tackled some heavy cleaning, such as the walk-in shower where, armed with the spray bottle of bleach for the grout, the CLR and scrub pad for the tile, and Windex for the glass, it took almost an hour to get things looking spiffy bright and sparkling clean again. I did take a shower too! 
Then, while cleaning windows later..........that angel turned to me, pointed, and said "look up", and there it was, draped in the corner by the back door, a really huge dusty spider's web. Vision's of Charles Dickens wonderful novel Great Expectations with Miss Havisham's mouldering mansion came to I went full speed to locate the long-handled feather duster! 

There's a new film version of that great classic Great Expectations, just out in the UK and due here soon, with Helena Bonham Carter playing Miss Havisham and the always superb Ralph Fiennes as Magwitch.......a must-see for certain. 
She is also starring in Les Miserables opening on Christmas 
Day - that looks wonderful too. I just bet Helena doesn't have to worry about webs and dust at her house.


  1. This house we just moved into had been empty for 2 years. I cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen before we moved in. But, every time I look up, as I start to paint each room...there is a cobweb. Hopefully by the time I finish painting they will be gone.

  2. I know how you feel about those webs...they seem to appear overnight! I would think with all the activity going on in my house that the dust wouldn't have a chance to settle! Ha! I guess the work never ends!


  3. Oh my, I must look up and see what is lurking around the ceiling here too! :) Sometimes I see a web going from the ceiling to a tall candle on the bookshelf. How do they get there???? Both these movies sound wonderful and have such great actors in them. Maybe I'll get to see one. We never go to the theatre. Enjoy the day. Hugs, Pamela

  4. May each cobweb be a reminder that you were off spending time on other, better things than cleaning!
    I'm not a fan of Helena B-C, so doubt that I'll catch this movie.

  5. At least there was no big spider in the web! And also I meant to say I love your watch on the previous post, gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing Les Mis too! Cheers Judy xx

  6. Well, hello Mary, Big smile here. I have neglected you terribly but I miss you very much. I just caught up with a few of your posts. Since you have been traveling so much I swear I have forgotten to visit you. I didn't mean to so here I am trying to catch up with my traveling friend. You look awesome in the mirror shot. I feel like you when I try to do that too.

    I do all my own cleaning too. With our 20 ft. great room ceiling, cobwebs are a problem. My wall of windows requires me to hire someone to clean them. I don't even want to go there with the shower. A hard job always. However, I am picky so I prefer do do my own house keeping.

    We enjoyed our trip to Portland and guess what? The sun was shining. It was June a few years ago and we went to the top of Mt. Hood. There was still snow and people were skiing. We rode the ski lift up. Fun times. I hope your hubs has a nice trip.

    We are taking a riverboat cruise on the Rhine River with Grand Circle. We are doing the Christmas Markets trip. One week from today we will be on our way to Amsterdam. Our first trip to Europe. Excited, You bet. Love your layering and I definitely have cuddle duds. We will be home the day after Christmas.

    Enjoy your time at home and I am so happy to say hello today.

  7. I think traveling around the world is alot more fun than cleaning!! It must be satisfying though to get everything sparkling clean again!

  8. The traveling has to be better than cleaning...although there truly is "no place like home." I can't stand my house when it's dirty, but hate to clean it! :-) One of life's little tricky things. Oh well. Thanks for the advice on the computer...only one USB port left if I need it for the adapter. Still haven't gotten one! Been so busy. December and January sees not only Christmas but four of our birthdays! :-)

  9. Ahhhh, cleaning! Do you clean for others, smiling! Next week is my week to make the house look spiffy. Most of the time I ignore it. You know there are just too many fun things to be doing, like traveling for sure.


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