Saturday, December 8, 2012

A FAVORITE THING "I'll be home for Christmas...... can count on me".

That's how the words go in one of those old, familiar, and much-loved Christmas songs.

Another waxes lyrical with "There's no place like home 
for the Holidays" this year 
that's where I'm heading.

Perhaps like me, you feel your one true 'home' is the 
place where you were born and raised. 
I've now lived away from home for 50 years, a very long time, but it's still my real home. The old-fashioned scenery, the smell of the sea, the familiar buildings, are etched in my mind forever. I've visited almost annually during that long time, but usually in Spring or Autumn. 

I can't quite remember when I last spent a Christmas in England but I'm sure it was over 20 years ago! 
I'm longing for a little time to renew some of my childhood memories at the source, being close to family and dear friends, enjoying the tastes and smells of traditional foods, and the old fashioned customs, so decided this would be the right time to go home before another year passed by.

Since I no longer have the family home to stay in, the above beautiful historic crescent building - now a hotel and apartments - has become the place we hang our hats when in Torquay. We rent a special apartment called The Balcony with views from the windows such as this below.                  
Thatcher Rock - looking across Tor Bay to Paignton and Brixham

Will there be blue skies over the bay? Never can tell 
what the weather might bring, islands and wind directions 
can always surprise. There has been an awful lot of 
bad weather with severe flooding recently, and now 
it's quite cold.

What will be will be - a raincoat, boots, 
warm cashmere sweaters, and of course 
the ubiquitous umbrella, are packed to go.

So off soon on a little jaunt across the pond to spend a real English Christmas.
Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and holiday 
season wherever you may be headed.........
and of course staying at home is wonderful too.

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  1. Have a wonderful time at home Mary. Sending you wishes for the most wonderful Christmas ever.

  2. I don't suppose I can go 'home for Christmas' with you? ;-) I have always wanted to visit Devon, and the last I checked on holiday cottages, I found one in Torquay that seemed like the perfect location. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Mary!

  3. HI Mary, your vacation home for Christmas will be wonderful I'm sure and it sounds like you're prepared for all weather outcomes too. Wishing you a safe and fun filled holiday in Devon and all the blessings of the Christmas season. We are staying put for Christmas with a small family gathering and Boxing Day, weather permitting, will be spent at our niece's home with my side of the family. Love and hugs, Pamela

  4. Don't know when you're off again Mary, but do have a safe journey and a wonderful Christmas in Torquay! Sending lots of love.
    Rose H
    xx xx

  5. Have a wonderful holiday in your childhood hometown. Nothing could be better. Merry Christmas Mary.
    Hugs, Penny

  6. OH! It looks so gorgeous!

    Wishing you the merriest of Christmases back home!

  7. Oh, Mary, I hope you ahve a wonderful time in your old home county.
    Remember ...we arent that far away!

  8. How lovely that you can spend Christmas at your beloved childhood home by the sea. I prefer to stay home and not visit folks but sometimes we must. Visiting from MHC, Olive

  9. Have a delightful, full of JOY English Christmas in your hometown. Enjoy and savor each moment, as I know you will.

  10. I recognize the "coming home" feeling very well Mary.
    When our daughter and family arrive home from France (usually February which is high Summer here), we pick them up from the airport, make a dash home to open the suitcases and grab swimsuits, then it's off to Mission Bay for an afternoon in the sun and sea!!
    She really misses living by the sea - and carries in her memory those precious aromas which remind her of home!
    A agree with you "home will always be home"!
    We haven't been to Torquay although we've stayed on the Devon coast. Next time we will, as I see it has a marina which is always a plus for my husband!!!
    Have a wonderful time re-visiting the old haunts and enjoying your family!
    Joyeux Noël
    Shane ♥

  11. I'm so glad you're getting to go home for this Christmas holiday. You're right- there is no place like home and yours happens to be farther away than some. The shore is calling you. I hope you have the loveliest time, my friend. Happy Holidays to you and your dear husband.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  12. It looks beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful trip.

  13. Warm wishes to you, Mary, for a truly wonderful Christmas at home once again! Can't wait to peek into your time there via your words and photos when the time comes.

  14. Unlike you, we won't be home for Christmas. Instead of a ton of expensive presents, our gift to the kids is a family vacation - usually skiing. This year we strayed for our tradition and are going to Kauai. Wemight have to add a trip to Devon to our list.

    Thanks for sharing lovely photos.

    Merry Christmas.

  15. Looking forward to lunch on Boxing Day. Be lovely to have you home again.

  16. I'm sure you will have a terrific time back home! Please take lots of photos to share.

  17. I'm so happy that you and Bob will be in your hometown for the Holidays - what a wonderful gift for you both!! I am so envious that you will be having Christmas in one of my favorite country - wish I were there with you all!! Merry Christmas to you and DH and I will see you in the New Year! Hugs - Jeannette (and Jim!)

  18. Beautiful.. I wish I could stay at holiday cottages in Torquay and have a wonderful time exploring those beautiful places.


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