Sunday, December 23, 2012

British shops................

Christmas shopping in Dartmouth, Devon

Historic buildings circa 1650


  1. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos. We saw old shops like this in Chesters too. Half timbered and leaning terribly. :) Hard to believe they are over 400 years old!! I hope you're enjoying your visit. Happy Christmas!

  2. It's incredible thinking about how long those buildings have been standing there . . . no wonder they sometimes seem crooked here and there! I love all the intricacies of them . . . carved wood, half timbers, multi-paned windows, etc, etc. Wish I could amble through those streets along with you, but your photos are the next best thing. Glad you are enjoying your trip home for Christmas.

  3. How gorgeous! It reminded me a little of Ludlow, where I shopped a little in September. I can just imagine how happy you are to wander the streets, popping in and out of the shops.

  4. Morning Mary, thank you for the email. We visited Dartmouth when we had a holiday in Torquay a few years ago, got there by boat and left by steam train if I remember rightly, it was the summer!!

    Pleased to hear the rain and flooding isn't so bad in Torquay as in other parts of Devon & Cornwall.

    Keep warm and dry and have a great time, love Jackie in Surrey, UK.
    PS going to one of your old haunts on Thursday, Windsor, to see a pantomime at the theatre!! Oh Yes I am!!!

  5. Dear Mary
    I'm sure we went to Dartmouth on one of our trips - is there a lot of naval history - that's what
    my husband would like!!!
    Mary, I've been worried about YOU now as we have heard news of bad weather and flooding in Devon - how are things in Torquay?

    Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas, you must be looking forward to the traditional English Christmas! My Christmas food this year is a combination of Nigella and Jamie and then once we get to the beach Rick's influence will take over with the seafood!!! Love those cooks especially Rick.

    Thank you for being a part of my blogging journey this year
    much love
    Joyeux Noël
    Shane ♥

    PS I'm also hanging out for The Downton Christmas Special and of course HM The Queen's Christmas message - always a part of our Christmas Day!

  6. Just beautiful dear! I'm missing you, and thought of you while visiting the Depot, we need to go back there together again. Everything looks amazing! Merry Christmas to you my dearest! Enjoy your stay at your lovely motherland. Love you! ~ Vanessa ~ PS. Sending my love to Bob too.

  7. Hello Mary. I hope you are not being affected too much by the deluge of rain we are experiencing.
    I'm here to wish you a super fabulous Christmas and a groovy New Year at home.
    Paul xo

  8. Hi Mary,
    So glad you are enjoying being back on British soil.
    I hope you stay dry down there in Devon and have a memorable Chistmas! Can't wait to see more of your lovely photos.
    Much love.

  9. How special to get to walk through the shops and streets of your childhood. I hope you did a bit of Christmas festivities and shopping there too.

  10. I feel the need to go shopping ... but there, not here :)


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