Saturday, December 29, 2012

Goodbye Devon........................

Today we vacated our lovely apartment in Torquay, above...............took the long road trip back to Heathrow Airport in drizzly rain, and after fish 'n chips in a cozy pub with a refreshing walk in cool night air, are now settling in for the night at the hotel before flying home to North Carolina tomorrow.

In the space of ten quick days we enjoyed many beautiful home cooked meals with family and friends.........

.......plenty of pub meals.......above the Start Bay Inn 
at Slapton.

The Linny Inn, in the tiny village of Coffinswell, circa 1368.

At the Babbacombe Inn overlooking Tor Bay, a memorable Christmas dinner with seven members of my English family. My Christmas 'turkey' was actually baked Brill, a lovely local fish, stuffed with lobster as I don't eat any meat or poultry.

....and the most moist and scrumptious traditional 
Christmas pudding topped with Devon clotted cream. 
No need to tell you that sensible, lo-cal eating was 
forgotten on this trip!

Above, the garden below the apartment where we stayed.

Yes, coming home for the holidays brought many warm welcomes from lovely people.......the weather was really quite awful most of the time, however we were prepared and just accepted being damp and windblown.............enjoying each and every special moment.

Morning views across Tor Bay from the apartment.

All will be missed, and come tomorrow when I touch down 
on US soil again, all will be a beautiful memory of
another visit home of which I'm very grateful.


  1. I am glad you had such a wonderful time, Mary, and am enjoying your photos here. That Christmas pudding with clotted cream is calling my name. I've never had such, but I am quite certain I would love it!

  2. Me again . . . The Linny looks so charming that I went to their website, and while there perused their menus. I saw "Kid's Menu" and thought I'd take a peek at what kids eat in England. Quite a bit more sophisticated than the American kids . . . not a hotdog or french fries or mac and cheese in sight! Lucky kids.

  3. Hi Mary
    Safe travels!
    That apartment looks beautiful.
    Ploughmans lunch - my idea of heaven :)
    Judy xx

  4. Hi Mary,
    What a lovely trip you all are having. As usual your photos are stunning - the Christmas pudding looks yummy.
    Wishing you and your family a Peaceful and Happy New Year.

  5. I really enjoyed these pictures, Mary. The food is quite interesting, do you have any favorites that you still prepare for yourself and Bob? Your apartment was really very lovely...the views, the garden. You will be a wonderful trip adviser should we ever have the luck to visit England!

    Safe travels home!


  6. I love Poughman's platters and that onion confit. English cheddar too.

  7. So glad you enjoyed your Christmas visit to Devon. Torquay is where I spent many childhood holidays, it's a lovely area.

  8. Mary, so glad you had such a lovely Christmas. What a shame you werent a tiny bit nearer to Cornwall, it would have been so good to have met.

  9. Lovely pics of your stay in Devon. The pub looks beautiful with the thatched roof. Blessings to you.

  10. The Ploughman's Platter looks like a hearty and healthy way to lunch. I hope you have arrived safely at home and are settling into your own digs once again, replete with memories of your time in England.

  11. Oh Mary, it looks like an amazing visit, with good food, friends and family! What could be better?? smile... Safe travels..


  12. Oh my dearest... I know those feelings... I'm glad you had this lovely chance to visit and stay a while back at motherland. I've been thinking of you, and really looking forward to seeing you soon. Longing to hear lovely stories about your beautiful travels. Love ~ Vanessa

  13. What a lovely trip home. The apartment looks just lovely, especially with the view. The food gorgeous!

  14. That apartment looks great Mary, so glad you had a great trip. You must be leaving with a bit of a heavy heart, it's never easy leaving friends behind. Your photos are all marvellous. Sorry you had such awful weather. It has rained so much we discovered a few new leaks on the boat, we now have containers everywhere catching drips. One of the hazards of our crazy chosen lifestyle :-) someone has to do it!
    Keep warm and dry back home.
    Hugs coming your way.

  15. Beautiful photos. You must have had a wonderful time spending your holidays at Devon Cottages. The place is really relaxing.


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