Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Early morning......................

I had to drive to the airport at 6 AM today to put my beloved on a plane heading westward to beautiful (even though it's raining there) Portland, Oregon. 
These old retired guys who go back because they love their work and, for some reason, just can't give up their road warrior lives.......just keep on ticking like the proverbial you-know-what. 
I too would have loved to fly to Portland today.........I have a raincoat, Wellies and a trusty brolly.........and a dear blog friend Marilyn of Delights Of The Heart is there. We hope to meet one of these days, and I'm sure we will. 

On the way back home I loved the sepia colors of the early hour. Although we dashed to the airport on the highway to save time, I felt most comfortable driving homeward on the back roads, enveloped in the almost neutral shades of the world just before the sun comes up. The waning gibbous moon hung in the western sky.........and here in North Carolina we are having yet another pleasant day where the leaves continue to fall on the warm breeze, birds sing non-stop, and squirrels nibble on acorns in an eating frenzy on my back deck.

Meanwhile, I'm busy doing things we all seem to be doing these rushed December days.............Portland must wait for me.....I have such a lot to do around here.

Have a wonderful day whatever you're up to!


  1. beautiful Mary!!
    love your posts..
    they so ring true with me and my thoughts more often than not..
    am just now getting out of jammies and getting started with my "Must Dos"..,
    but am smiling because of you!

  2. A beautiful way to start the day - seeing beauty in the world around you. Hope you accomplish what you set out to do today!

  3. Life is wonderful, isn't it? Especially when we take pleasure in the little things. Thank you for reminding us yet again with your lovely post! Hugs from Utah, where we have our fingers crossed for some snow.

  4. Beautiful photos Mary. Hubby and I drove into town today in the fog coming off the river. The roads had been wet yesterday and the temperatures dipped below freezing causing black ice, but, the fog along the river was so pretty with the sun shining through. It is so good to get out on these mornings and capture the beauty. I really like your moon shot.

  5. I hope your day is unfolding as you'd hoped it would - you certainly began it with a lovely few moments on the road I haven't been to Portland but it is on my list for when the roses bloom.

  6. Mary, beautiful image. It was later on my morning walk today, but still quiet and simply delightful. Hope Bob can embrace retirement. I've never been happier. It's a wonderful life with no schedule. ;-)
    Question: What is a brolly? ;-)
    Hugs to you, dear friend..............Sarah

    1. Sarah dear, 'brolly' is a colloquialism used for umbrella in the UK! Sorry I should have explained that.

      Yes, he needs to rethink retirement once again........I do worry about him working so hard still - but he just seems to thrive and really loves what he does.

      Like you, and loving retirement - am now in my 16 year and haven't complained yet!
      Hugs - Mary

  7. Beautiful pictures Mary. You know Kent said he will never retire...he traveled today in fact. But just a couple hour drive and back home the same day.

  8. Wonderful images Mary. The things we do for love eh?!
    Rose H

  9. Mary, I too have one of those road....sky warriors. Most weeks it is Willie and I home alone. Sometimes I get a lot accomplished...sometimes not so much. Your photos are beautiful. Enjoy your week. Bonnie

  10. Oh I would have been so excited if you had come along, but another time for sure.
    It is raining "cats and dogs" here today, not a very lovely day to be visiting our beautiful city. Hopefully there will be some glimmers of sun while he is here. Take care and enjoy your getting things done week.


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