Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All the way home.....................

At SuzAnna's Antiques recent Christmas Holiday Open House - a lovely evening affair complete with music, good food and wine, and special people - I asked jolly, handsome Santa Claus if perhaps I could borrow his sleigh to fly home for the Holidays..........he was not amused! 

So, by the time you read this I should be snuggled crammed into my coach class seat, with the flimsy blanket, miniature pillow, and a mini bottle of red wine under my belt - to help me sleep of course - for the night ride across the pond. Fortunately we do have a direct flight from here to London's Heathrow Airport, the flying time is just 8 hours, arriving early tomorrow morning.

Hope to keep you posted from my home in Devon...............it will be a busy time, as always much too brief, with people to see, places to go, and Christmas celebrations to enjoy......and from the looks of it, in rain much of the time!

I've been wishing for a Christmas at home......come rain or shine.

On Dasher, on Dancer..............on American Airlines sleigh!  


  1. Happy Christmas, and a wonderful holiday trip to you.

  2. Dear!! I will miss you soooooooo much! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas in homeland. Thanks for the lovely card. I love you, Vanessa X

  3. Happy Travels!
    Sleep well and enjoy at the other end.

  4. Oh, you sweet, funny lady! I know you will have an internet connection so let me just say that I'd love to be in your shoes, flying away to England, rain and all...you know we have a lot of that in Chicago and even snow on the way.

    Many blessing to you and Bob for a wonderful, warm and joyous Christmas from me and Alan!

    With much love,

  5. You should be here by now I think - hope you have a wonderful time and that there isn't too much rain. It's been bad in Devon and I gather more is coming so an umbrella, mac and wellies will be the outfit of choice I suspect:)

  6. Safe journey Mary and happy holidays.
    Hugs, Penny

  7. Have a wonderful time with friends and family.

  8. Merry Christmas, Mary! Wishing you a wonderful visit with your friends and family.


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