Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day.....................

A glimpse of my dining room decor for Christmas 
last year. I didn't do much decorating this year 
as we're far away enjoying my family and friends 
Christmas cheer instead! 

Our view yesterday, early Christmas Day morning, across Tor Bay toward the English Channel and France. 

The sun was out - there was blue sky - it was calm 
and almost warm. With much joy, and to celebrate the 
special day, I placed the little tree on the 
terrace table. The people we rent the apartment 
from had this decorated tree waiting for us. 
It was a fabulous day spent with family.

December 26, Boxing Day - always a great day 
here in the old country. 
The pressure is off, wrapping paper no longer underfoot, 
 more time to sip a sherry, savour a warm mince pie 
right out of the oven, and dig in to a slice of my 
sister-in-law's fabulous traditional English Christmas 
(fruit) cake which came in the mail from France. 
A tasty unexpected surprise!

It's another dry morning, the light is coming up 
across the water and I'm heading out for a quick 
walk along the beachfront. 
Later we're off to a fabulous luncheon with some 
very dear friends. 

Enjoy your Boxing Day.


  1. If you squint a little bit you can see me waving back from the other side of the Channel!
    Hope you're Christmas is all you hoped it would be
    PS the little tree is adorable, how kind of the owners to leave it there for you.

  2. A glorious photo Mary - I do believe that I have stayed there several times too - is it the crescent with the Osborne Hotel in the middle?

  3. Sounds like a lovely relaxing day Mary, and so it should be after a long year :) Hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday season, wishing you lots of love and light as we head into the new year xx

  4. Hi dear, what a beautiful view! Missing you! Enjoy your time in motherland. Love ~ Vanessa XXXX

  5. That last image with the tree is so pretty. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with friends and family. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. A beautiful Boxing Day image across Tor Bay Mary. I was desperate to see a peep of France - not quite, but I can imagine it....
    You sound so very relaxed - I'm imagining you're being a little pampered by your siblings - who must be so thrilled to have you share their Christmas celebrations this year!

    Enjoy every minute you're there dear Mary - these will be happy memories for years to come.

    ..and yes we celebrate Boxing Day in NZ - long walks, lots of reading, chewing the fat, another long phone call to France - a very relaxed day!

    xox Shane

  7. It does sound like you are having a delightful time~
    Savor each moment and return home refreshed and ready to embark on 2013.
    Happy travels and hugs, marilyn

  8. Oh yes, Boxing Day in England. Does it get any better? How lovely that they put that tree out for you. Everything was superb, no? Good memories for you both.


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