Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Decor dilemma............

My Christmas decorations are still in the attic, stored in 
those big plastic boxes, stacked to the roof, and...........calling to me!

The I climb back there between 
raking more leaves and packing suitcases, or do I whisper 
to my sweet Santo and explain the situation and why I 
haven't had time to find her lovely wings for the holiday 
season as in previous years.

She's wearing her crown right now, and I will place more 
candles nearby today - the evenings get dark so early, 
especially yesterday I noticed - and I need more light. 

Because we're leaving next week and spending 
Christmas so far away, decorating here was not in the cards, 
but, as you can imagine, I'm now 
feeling guilty, especially after seeing all your 
beautifully decorated homes 
here in blogland.

 Next year will be different, I will stay home for Christmas...................well that's the plan right now. 
I'll be up in the attic.....pulling out the boxes.....pulling 
out all the stops.....happily doing what I usually do at 
this lovely of year. 


  1. Don't feel guilty....your santo looks lovely as she is. I don't have a stitch of Christmas decor out and I am going to be here for the holidays! Hopefully after the painters leave this week and the living room is finished, I will decorate the mantel, but I don't think I will have a tree this year, for the first time in my life. :-(

  2. Mary, don't you dare feel guilty-your santo looks beautiful just the way she is. I agree with Penny! I only put a little Christmas out this year and the tree. With moving and unpacking all of that stuff, I really wasn't in the mood to put out alot of Christmas. Next year will be your, Penny and my year for Christmas!!

  3. I'd be whispering in her ear Mary - you've far too much to do, I know she'll understand ;o)
    Rose H

  4. You will miss decorating your home this year, but look what you have to replace it with - Christmas in England! Enjoy, and blessings for your journey.

  5. Your Santo won't mind! She knows you'll be away. Don't worry, my friend. You have enough to do already!


  6. HI Mary, I agree with the others, I'm sure she'll forgive you this year! Have an amazing time on your trip to the UK. Cheers Judy xx

  7. Oh I think your santo will survive with a few candles and maybe a twig or two of greenery or holly. Some years that is about all I think I want to do. You will so enjoy your holiday at home in the UK. Have a wonderful adventure there visiting the pub, sitting by the fire, and having something delicious to drink. Hugs!

  8. Oh Mary, just think when you return you will have nothing to put away but the suitcases.

    Thank you for your kind comments. I look forward to hearing about the Christi exhibit and the pier. Bonnie

  9. I think she'll forgive you, just this once mind!
    Perhaps you'll find a little Torquay tree to make your apartment festive & bright, or maybe a wreath for the front door?
    Knowing you I don't think you'll be a able to resist a little Christmas fluffing.


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