Friday, December 28, 2012

Heading south..................

I've been trying to load photos from here in Devon - also write more about my time in my hometown - but the Internet connection seems to be acting up the past couple of days, and tomorrow morning we leave for London on the start of our journey home. An overnight at Heathrow airport, then flying out on Sunday.
SO, instead you get this post which I've had waiting to share with you - my next adventure coming up very soon!


OK, this one should be fact so easy it's hardly worth throwing out clues because I know you will ALL be winners. All my warm Winter hats are packed ready to travel so I can't even toss your names in for a draw like before, and how would I buy you a special prize when there are no gift shops where I'm going!

Let's face it, it's not a trip many people take.  
This awesome, distant place, 5,100,021 square miles of which 98% is solid ice, the coldest and windiest spot on the planet, where the lowest temperature ever -129.3F was recorded, and winds can reach 200 mph. Some tough ocean waters to sail, of which the Drake Passage is the roughest in the world. At it's northern limit on one day a year the sun does not set or is so remote and difficult to reach it's not at the top of 
most travelers' wish list!

These are the books I've collected for the journey................yes, I know what you're thinking, why 
does she need so many. No I don't have an e-reader. Yes, I have considered purchasing one to use for travel, but I already have these recent purchases and I do still love reading 'real books'. There should be ample time during the many days at sea to curl up with a good book, and my knitting, in between zodiac rides, photography, and sharing interesting conversation with about 130 other adventurous passengers, plus the expedition leaders, and crew.

This is our itinerary for January, where it will be Summer and we may enjoy high temperatures of 40F degrees! Paula and I will be off to the seventh continent - she's been before so has told me, and shown me, her photos of the awesome things I'll see and experience............and I'm planning to share it all with you!

Paula is taking me on this fabulous adventure, literally to the end of the earth, to celebrate our fifty years of friendship! There, in a place with no official language or currency, no official population other than governmental research stations with small groups of scientists, and no shopping, we'll have time to reminisce about all we've done in those many years gone by, and share another new adventure together.

Our ship, G Adventures M/S Expedition
Photos via their website
If you're interested, more details HERE 
for the complete itinerary of our expedition titled 

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone......and many thanks for following me to some amazing places in 2012. 
Hope you enjoyed the trips and are ready for more.  
We leave for Argentina on this awesome adventure January 9, 2013.


  1. Wow! That is quite a tour Mary! I can't imagine me taking a tour like that with so many days at sea so far from land but you are such a great and adventuresome sport that I know you'll have a wonderful time. South Georgia Island was on the news tonight. You may not want to know why. lol But, there are hordes of rats on the island and they are dropping rat poison from helicopters to kill them off. They apparently eat the birds and eggs that nest there. You will no doubt hear all about this on your tour. Quite interesting. Take care and I wish you safe travels back home.

  2. You and Paula really go to the ends of the earth for each other! Had to throw that in!! I'm looking forward to hearing all about England and your Christmas. And of course, this spectacular trip you have coming up!


  3. Wow - this looks like an amazing journey - it sounds so exciting.

  4. Oh my gosh Mary, you are so adventurist! I will love to follow you and see all your beautiful photos!

    Blessings and stay safe,

  5. Oh~ How exciting!!!!! This is going to be a wonderful adventure and I am thrilled for you. Have a safe trip home and Happy New Year to you and Bob!

  6. Good heavens - you're off on another adventure-of-a-lifetime! I look forward to reading all about it - Bon Voyage!

  7. That looks really interesting. Did you get that condition taken care of?-the one that kept you in bed due to pain? I can't remember what it turned out to be. I think you must be better. Hope the New Year if full of travel and fun for you.

  8. Exciting days ahead. Make sure you pack plenty of warm woolies to keep you cosy.

  9. Mar: perhaps you can explain to your blog friends the antartic convergence - it's so interesting and explains why some of teh more northly places, such as S. Georgia Island, are still considered to be Antarctic. Just a thought!

  10. Mary, I've never known anyone who lives such an adventuresome life. Wow, this next trip sounds amazing. I admire your energy and zest for life. I like to hold real books too. ;-)

  11. Hi Mary, we've never met; however I had the pleasure of meeting Bob during his recent trip to Texas. I have so enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading the stories, what amazing adventures. Please say hi to Bob for me and I hope you have a blessed and safe trip. Happy New Year.


  12. Mary, This will be another amazing adventure, I am sure. Do you have time to gasp for air at home before leaving again? If you stay home for very long what would you do? The travels you have been on this past couple years have been truly amazing. Happy travels and I love hearing and reading of your adventures.


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