Saturday, November 3, 2012

A FAVORITE THING..................

Missing France and French inspiration.....

I haven't visited France for four's 
beginning to feel like four centuries! Yes, I know, 
here I am in the Mediterranean enjoying 
other beautiful countries, 
but stepping on to French soil is not to be.

My family in the south of France continue to love the 
life they chose - they visit back in England often, and my 
niece is now attending university in Scotland. 

When I go home to England for Christmas I will 
look out from the windows of the apartment,  
across the wide bay toward the English Channel 
to the northern coast of France. I'll plan 
a visit to that area next time, 
perhaps meeting dear blog friends in Normandy 
and Brittany, spending some days in beautiful Paris.

Yes, France, and everything French still calls me back.

  • Have you visited France? 
  • Do you agree Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world?
  • Do you decorate French-style?
  • If you could, would you join a small group to shop the French brocantes and markets.........and share a container to get all the treasures back home?
Just thinking - that's dangerous but 
FAVORITE THING of mine!!!!!!

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  1. What a fun post!
    Yes, I have visited France many times - for three years I lived less than 30 minutes from Strasbourg and was there at least weekly. I'm not a lover of Paris, and feel quite the odd woman out in blogdom for that view. While I don't decorate in the French style I have incorporated a little of every place I've loved in my home, so there are elements of French life to be found.
    A container??? Oh that would be such fun! I am a lover of brocantes, flea markets and all manner of junk shops.

  2. Oui, Oui, Oui, and Oui! But you already knew I'd answer in the affirmative. How I'd love to be in Paris, or Normandy, or Brittany, or the South of France this very weekend. ;-)
    Would love to be shopping those weekend brocantes and markets........Sarah

  3. Ah, but to be going to England for Christmas!
    I do love Paris, but Great Britain holds my heart!

  4. I do love France.

    We are lucky to have been many, many times.

    Paris has a very special place in my heart. My best memories of it are:
    At 17 celebrating New Years Eve under the Eiffel Tower. Meeting some people who had a champagne hamper and insisted on sharing with us. Watching the fireworks go off at midnight.

    At 25 visiting with my sister. We rode on the horses of the Merry Go Round. Going to Montmartre to see a Dali Exhibition.

    At 32 visiting with my mum. Going on a cruise down the seine. Dancing to traditional accordion music after a beautiful meal.

    I have not been to Paris with Mr Sft perhaps I should.

    I also love the South Coast of France.

    Hope you are having a wonderful time.

    Sft x

  5. Dear Mary...funnily enough there is not much that I miss about France. I suppose we had lived there for so many years that it simply! Back in England we are very happy, but I do miss a good cup of coffee in a little French bar.
    Are you coming to Devon at Christmas? Dont forget we are not that far away in Cornwall.

  6. Have visited Paris three times and just love that city. It is one of my all time favorites. When I think of going to Europe I always want to include Paris, but probably won't make it there the next trip. I have a few French things in my house, but not really decorated in the French style. I do love the French style though.

  7. I've never been to Paris but my husband was there on business once. :( We did get a taste of France on a day trip by ferry from England in 1992. We spent the day at Boulogne sur Mer (I think that's how it is spelled) and it was a lovely historic town with a wonderful beach and delicious bakery. Blessings to you as you continue your travels. Pamela

  8. I have been to France.....loved it! Would love to go back again. Yes I do decorate in the French style. But...I loved Italy more and really when I think about it, I decorate with a mix of French, Italian and American traditional.

  9. My dream is to visit France, Mary. So far, I haven't been able to. But I continue to dream!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  10. What can I say? Yes, yes, yes and I think I know what you're thinking....................
    Wish we were also going to UK for Christmas but alas not this year.
    Hope you're enjoying the cruise. We got out of Washington a few hours ahead of Sandy on Sunday afternoon, we had a wonderful vacation but it's always nice to come home.

  11. I'm dreaming! I have long wanted to go to Paris and this coming year it's going to happen! My daughter has given me a trip and I am beyond excited.

  12. Oui Oui Madam Mary
    I miss France every day I'm not there - it's where my darling granddaughters live!!!
    I also adore Paris - a feminine city - beautiful, charming, beguiling, romantic - oh how it's got under my skin!
    I have a few french vignettes here and there, my taste is eclectic really so my home reflects that.
    Things collected over 40+ years of marriage and before!
    I really love the English country house look too.
    I'm not so much a huge shopper these days, I enjoy the village brocantes when I'm there - I still haven't been to the Les Puces, the Paris flea markets (the historian is not a shopper - sadly!!
    If I lived in the States Mary I would love to sneak a few items into your container Mary!!!

    Your trip sounds lovely - I've got a 3 week work assignment so I haven't been blog visiting as much.
    Take care
    hugs and love

  13. I have been to Paris twice, Mary (once unintentionally .... but that's a long story!) and each time it was bliss! I hope you get to go back soon! My style in my home is more British than French.


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