Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Arriving in Venice..........

Awaking from sporadic naps,(following what were the worst airline food offerings ever - come on Delta, you'll have to do better to keep us as customers), the long but thankfully smooth night flight to Venice went well and I was greeted by the majestic Swiss Alps shimmering in the early morning sunlight. What a magnificent sight for tired eyes.......snow-covered peaks, deep green valleys with many lakes, and small towns and mountain villages just visible here and there......and Venice almost within reach.

Entering Italy through Venice was surprisingly easy. Before we knew it we were hauling the baggage along a rather long, bumpy walkway to the waterbus to ride to our hotel in the Cannaregio district. It's incredible to think that just about everyone who goes to Venice has to approach by water taxi of some type. When we saw the thousands of tourists in the following days, especially the Sunday day-trippers, I was amazed that most had come by water.

The vaporetti/waterbus plied its way slowly across the lagoon. The number of craft around us in the cool morning air were many. Traffic lanes are well marked by these wooden pilings, often punctuated by large seagulls.........some speedboats zoomed by, higher priced private water taxis passed quickly, whereas we enjoyed the slow (like in cheapest!) ride awed by the scenery which appeared out of the mist as we got closer to our disembarkation point, the Madonna dell'Orto Pier.

Our hotel had it's own boats for guest transportation to the San Marco area..............I'll have a future story about that memorable boat ride!

........the Boscolo Venezia Hotel - entrance under the red awning above - was everything one needs in a city hotel, PLUS on the lagoon looking across to San Michele Island in back, and with a small busy canal at the front door.
Our lovely, spacious suite was actually in the lush garden in back. Built at the end of the XVI century as a family palace, it later became a monastery and then the embassies of France and Savoy.

Arriving at the Boscolo Venezia Hotel - behind me the first of the 400 bridges crossing canals all around the city. Large bag for clothes, including everything for the cruise, small one for the cameras, laptop and incidentals. Don't ask me how I got it all in!

Note: I did not take my bulky Canon 7DSLR on this trip, used my two older Olympus and Canon point and shoot digitals. I am pleased with my pictures and it was easier to use the lighter cameras with my recent hand problems due to Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR). I felt extremely well on the trip, the meds. seem to be keeping me pain free. Many thanks to all who enquired about my health.

As soon as we were unpacked - we had three nights at this hotel and our friends were arriving from England and California the next day - we were out and walking, walking, walking. Who could possibly think of napping when there was so much beauty awaiting us.

We crossed bridge after bridge.................

....squeezed our way through some very narrow alleys.... 

....all the time mesmerized by the buildings reflected in the canals - yes some were smelly, a known fact in Venice, but all spectacular.....

....and soon were sitting on the edge and enjoying a light lunch..... 

......healthy grilled veggies, fresh baked bread, a beer for Bob and a glass of crisp house white for me.........

.......and being serenaded by this happy Italian gentleman.

Back to strolling the neighborhood, something of interest or beauty around each curve.

This was the restaurant we picked later in the evening for a delicious pizza Margarita and salad....and we went back again another evening when our entire group got together and enjoyed a really good meal. Loved sitting by the canals to eat......and fortunately the pleasant weather made it comfortable.

Next time...........Bob and I venture further into the heart of Venice for breakfast, shopping, and sightseeing.


  1. What a treat it was to stop in, read your post, and drool over those amazing photos! #7 looks like something that should be hanging on my wall. lol BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Thank you so much Judy - one can't go wrong in Venice when it comes to capturing beautiful photos! Feel free to take the one you love, print and blow up, frame and enjoy on your wall!


  2. OH! The water. The buildings. The reflections. The bridges. Everything is captured so beautifully in your photos. I almost feel like I had a short stroll through Venice beside you.

  3. Venice is more beautiful than I ever imagined! I am so enjoying your tour!


    P.S. Have you read about the recent flooding there?

  4. Oh wow your photos are delightful! Margarita pizza is my favourite, just had some on Sunday night. Unfortunately not quite the same view! Cheers Judy xx

  5. How magnificent!!! I have never been to Europe. Your photos make it seem so close!

    Happy travels!

  6. Hello Mary:
    We are so very thrilled that Venice clearly lived up to all of your expectations. It is indeed the most magical of cities and nowhere else do we know to contain so many wonderful works of art within a relatively small area. And as you say here, there is something of interest and beauty around every corner. The Cannaregio district of Venice is one of our favourites and still, by and large, untouched by the tourists who throng the main attractions.

    We leave ourselves for Venice later this week and so will be 'off air' so to speak for a while. We shall look forward to catching up on our return.

  7. I am very jealous miss Mary. How wonderful to be in Venice. Your photos make me want to get out my easel and start painting right away. Hope alls well and that you are feeling better.

  8. Fabulous pictures as usual, Venice is a place I would love to visit, but very much doubt I will get there now.

  9. This post brings me straight back to Venice. It was my favorite city that we visited while in Italy. Your photos are stunning Mary. One of my favorite memories of Venice was dining at Trattoria Poste Vecie. It was amazing. By accident we arrived at the kitchen door and surprised the chef and cooks, but they were welcoming, ran an got the host and we were led into the dining area. After dinner, they wanted to show us out the front door, but we were sure we would get lost, not leaving the way we came, so we were allowed to troop back through the kitchen and we applauded the chef and cooks, while they took a bow. A very memorable evening.

  10. Hi Mary! Oh, I sure enjoyed this post!! Such wonderful photos of this beautiful and historic city. I just love every view! I saw on the news about the severe flooding in Venice this week. I wonder if it was where you might have been. I'm glad that the medication is working and that you are feeling well. Take care. Pamela

  11. Dear Mary, despite not taking your fab camera you've still captured THE most amazing images! I'm so glad to see that you are looking marvelous, and you tell us your meds are are working well.
    You certainly have the most amazing holidays....
    Sending {{hugs}}
    Rose H

  12. Be still my heart! Oh Venice, I didn't have enough time there to explore like this. Thanks for sharing your explorations. Your photos are gorgeous!

  13. Oh Mary! I so love to travel with you - your stunning photographs make me feel as if I too am strolling through the narrow streets of Venice. I really would like to know how you achieve the clarity and definition, especially on the canal shots, that I can never replicate with my trusty Lumix. Maybe I need to upgrade my point & shoot!

  14. Enjoyed another set of photos here but what an amazing photo of the Alps. I can just stare for ages at a photo like that. In the late 80's/early 90's when I flew with Delta I am sure they did better with food then. Always had smooth flights with them too although I know that more to do with the weather although they did fly a lot higher than most airlines.


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