Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cleanliness is next to..........


I have to come clean!  
I must admit that, after a lifetime of bar soap, I have become addicted to shiny bottles of bath and shower gel. What to blame this sudden change in bathing habits on.........ships and hotels of course! Sounds ridiculous, but those home away from home places have changed me by teasing me with little bottles of delicious, heady goodness. They wake one up with bracing, exotic perfumes that go way beyond less costly drug store varieties. Yes I'm now definitely enjoying my morning shower much more. Sadly I will be saying goodbye to bars of Yardley's Lavender and other long time favorites in the bathroom........bring on the Molton Brown. If you're British, you are most likely familiar with this long established company, if not go here for a delightful introduction.

On ships I've been doused with the good stuff. Aveda, L'Occitane and Molton Brown. In good hotels (very good I have to admit)I was spoilt big time. I absolutely loved the special shower gel made for the Boscolo hotel in Venice, but have been unable to find it for retail sale. It was in the beautiful South African safari camp where, on my two visits, I fell head over heels in love with England's Molton Brown Invigorating Suma Ginseng body wash! To my great surprise, the recent expedition ship to Japan and Russia treated me to Molton Brown's fabulous citrusy Vitalising Vitamin AB+C body wash and lotion in my cabin. In the public ladies rooms on board they had glorious big pump bottles of MB's Naran Ji soothing hand cream, the best thing ever. I'm sure other passengers wondered why I was in and out the 'ladies' so often. Little did they know I just wanted a squirt of the hand lotion! When I arrived home I decided, in a moment of recklessness, after squeezing the last drops from the bottom of those little bottles I brought back, that I needed to buy my own bigger bottles........I was hooked.

Here's a link to Molton Brown for online ordering. I was able to find both my bath and shower gels at my local Saks Fifth Avenue, also the Naran Ji Hand Lotion - however they don't stock the hair products, also wonderful.

My other shower love is my sponge.....for applying said 
body wash - or soap. When home in England, at top of my 
shopping list is always a note to replenish my stock of 
these Ramer bath sponges found at the huge UK chain Boots 
the Chemist. They are not natural sponges, just the softest, 
silkiest man-made sponges ever. I always travel with one, 
and I have gifted others with them - everyone loves them.

Well, I guess this is my cleanest post ever. 
I'm not a shareholder in either of these companies, and I 
don't usually promote brands, but these are great products I 
wanted to share with you.
Just good, clean fun!

Bar soap or gel? Which do you prefer to get you going 
in the morning......or help you relax at night?
Any recommendations for bath and shower products
you enjoy? Tell us about your favorites.


  1. I love, love, love L'Occitane especially the Lemon Verbena products. It is my favorite brand. But India Hick's Island Living for Crabtree & Evelyn comes a close second. But you know what? I still love bar soaps more than anything.


  2. Oh yes, agree, and have used L'Occitane's Lemon Verbena Eau de Toilette spray daily - sometimes twice - for several years, it's so refreshing.
    thanks for sharing your faves dear.

  3. I use gel. I can't stand bar soap that gets all soggy in the shower. I am going to check out the Molton Brown sight. Currently I just use a dove soap in a bottle.

  4. I love this "clean living" post. I love shower gel. I have brought home my fair share of MB products. I like to put them on a tray in the guest bath when I have overnight guests. MB is the best! Hugs!

  5. I would love love love to use products like that but I have this very dry and very sensitive skin that requires a very mild moisturizing gel. Bath products are such fun!

  6. Next time you head over you may have to get me one of those sponges!! Miss you Miss Mary! Hope to see you soon!

  7. I have been given shower gels, but not high quality; so haven't liked them and finally tossed them. I love the bar soaps from L'Occitane (especially the Lemon Verbena) and I am almost out. I do have some of their get, maybe I should try it again.

  8. I'd love to try the Molton Brown...maybe I'll be reckless and order some! I usually use Dove bar soap, my mother had used that on me as a baby for my sensitive skin and that is all I ever buy. Sometimes for a treat, I will use Abby's fruity scented body gel and I feel very sly yet smell heavenly!! Don't tell the folks at Dove!


  9. I use a mild bar soap in my morning shower. But I love L'Occitane's rose cream for hands, arms and legs, gifted to me. When it's gone I'm definitely going to see if I can get more - or maybe the Lemon Verbena - I love that scent.

  10. Thanks for sharing your favorites - I am definitely going to try some. I absolutely love Lancome's shower gel. It's to die for. I just recently found it and I bought 2 tubes right off the bat. It is heavenly and lathers up really good.

  11. Hi Mary.

    Now this is so up my street. I am a huge fan of Molton Brown, every sink in the house and garden has a large bottle of the absolutely gorgeous 'Naran Ji hand wash', lovely stuff.

    I have discovered as of last year a new rival to my regular hand wash by a company called Aesop. They stock the products in Liberty. Their 'Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash' is amazing and has tiny grains of milled pumice which leave your hands so soft. It is a little more expensive but the bottles are a little larger than MB and for those micro pampering moments its worth every penny. I garden all the time but a guy still has keep his hands nice.

    I have been using Aveda hair care products for years now, the scents are beautiful and drift around the house after I use them.

    L'Occitane isn't a brand I have used to date but I have had so many recommendations, I must give them a try and where would we be without a local Boots the Chemist Mary:)

    Thank you for your lovely visit, I hope you have a lovely weekend. Paul. x

  12. Hello Mary.

    Now this post is right up my street! I totally understand your love for MB. I am a huge fan of Molton Brown. All the sinks in the house and garden have a bottle of the gorgeous 'Naran Ji hand wash' on them.

    But I recently discovered a newcomer to rival my affair with Naran Ji in the form of 'Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash' by a company called Aesop. Both Aesop and MB battle it out every day on the kitchen sink for my attention. They stock their products in Liberty and the product has micro milled pumice in it and leaves my hands soft and smooth. Gardening takes a toll on my hands and a guy has to keep his hands looking smart, right Mary! :)

    L'occitane isn't a brand I have ever used, I must give them a try. Although I have been using Aveda hair care for years and love, love, love it.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Paul. x

  13. Oh this sounds so exotic to me. I just use cheap liquid shower soap and pump hand soap here. Although I also have bars of Yardley's Lavender soap in the tub and at the bathroom sink. It's always been a favourite of mine and I enjoy the lavender scent. (also the oatmeal/honey) I also suffer from dermatitis on my hands and have to be careful of some scents and cheaper soaps. I'm in the midst of an outbreak this month after almost a year free from it. Interesting post and comments, Mary.


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