Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hello and Goodbye stunning Moscow.................

This is the closing post on my recent visit to Moscow sharing photos of places and odds and ends I found interesting and different. Moscow proved to be a fabulous city, quite different from what I expected and definitely one of the cleanest, most orderly places I've visited.

Driving into the city from the airport, from the bus windows I immediately noticed the mix of old and new architecture. From then on it was a constant, the way the older buildings with beautiful details seemed to remain, and sometimes newer modern buildings were actually built around them. I've never seen this use of space while keeping history in place, and thought it a good idea.

This building was across the street from my hotel...........I loved looking at it from my windows, the color, the wavy iron balconies, columns, and beautiful hand crafted decoration on the stone.

Huge buildings in morning rain along the Moskva River.

 The stunning 16th century Novodevichy Convent (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Many statues around the city, don't know who this one is, but a great perching place for resting birds......

.....although the great Fyodor Dostoevsky apparently lucked out on this day, no birds befriending him, perhaps the reason he looked so sad and forlorn facing the Metro sign.

Edited: Ooops! Friend Penny has better eyesight than me! 
She spotted a bird on the shoulder - I must have thought it was part of his collar! There is also one by his thigh I think now I look closer! 
Thanks Penny - and when we go treasure hunting this week I will be so glad to have you there to spot the good things!

More old buildings painted in such tranquil colors.

GUM is the gigantic former Soviet Union department store across from Red Square. Now a quite beautiful shopping mall, its interesting history from Catherine II of Russia's initial commission of the building through the present day can be read HERE.
Where construction was in progress, I immediately loved the huge canvas covers hiding whatever dirty, noisy things were going on in the background......and many were painted with cute kids.

 I've seen versions of this in American cities where building 
was active, but not on this huge scale.

 This appeared to be Moscow's version of Starbucks - saw 
the sign often.

I'm literally saying goodbye to Moscow here - these blue and gold onion domes being the final, and perhaps loveliest ones I saw on my way to the airport. My limo driver was laughing as I went through contortions to get shots from the window as we sped down the highway.

I would like to return to Moscow and spend more time. However, if I have the chance to see Russia again I will probably opt for a visit to St. Petersburg. Have you been there?


  1. It looks like a wonderful city. I think I did see a bird on Tolstoy's shoulder...:-)

    I have really enjoyed this latest trip of yours Mary. See you Wednesday!

    1. I've edited the post!
      You have such good eyesight - I've looked at that pic so many times without noticing it's a bird!
      Thanks dear - excited to be seeing you soon - and I'll bring my glasses!!!

  2. As always, I enjoyed your pictures and commentary. I have been to both Moscow and St Petersburg, and would encourage you to indeed visit St Petersburg; it was spectacular! As the saying goes, one can see why there was a revolution. However, how wonderful for us today to have such gorgeous opulence to enjoy!

  3. I travelled by train from Moscow to St Petersburg over 27 years ago when it was still known as Leningrad. We went on an overnight sleeper with a little old lady sitting in the corning of the corridor brewing tea on a samovar.
    At times it felt quite scary - the big Communist regime was still in full swing then.

  4. Thank you for the continued tour! It is certainly more beautiful that I had imagined. I've never been to Russia and don't plan a trip there in the future, so I'll be content to see your photos, LOL!

  5. The bird sits on the shoulder of Dostoevsky.

    1. Thanks so much for the heads up - I thought our driver said this was Tolstoy as we dashed by the Library building in the rain. We did see a lot of statues around the city! I've corrected it on this post.
      Appreciate you stopping by and hope you will visit again.

  6. Wonderful post...this is the closest I've been to Russia and seeing it through your lens and words makes it much more personal. Beautiful city!


  7. What a delightful tour of Moscow. It's nice to see the old architecture.

  8. Such a wonderful tour around the city Mary. I especially loved your shot of the beautiful ornate balcony with the bunting and the washing line. The buildings are exquisite! x

  9. Mary, thanks for this wonderful tour of Moscow. I love your photos. I have never been to Moscow, but I have been to St. Petersburg twice and I highly encourage you to go there if you have an opportunity. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The Hermitage is magnificent as well as many other sights, buildings, etc. to be seen.
    Farm Gal in VA

  10. I've not been - but your lovely photos made a wonderful tour. I love the old pastel buildings. Thank you for sharing.

  11. What a great tour of Moscow. Love the mixture of old and new - that's real life, isn't it? I would love to visit both Moscow and St. Petersburg one day. Your last photo is really stunning with those lovely coloured onion domes.

  12. Hi Mary, thanks for your lovely e-mail - you've spurred me into action again! Moscow looks completely different to the way I imagined it,much more colourful. My elder son has been there and enjoyed it though his visit was in the winter months so there's more snow in his photos:) The juxtaposition of old and new buildings is similar in Prague, a mixture of grim 60s concrete and wonderful historic churches and old houses.

  13. Your photos entice me to want to visit Moscow. Not a place I have thought of visiting, but I have thought of St. Petersburg. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous onion domes, shopping malls, and architectural delights.

  14. I enjoyed this post and the photos of the beautiful buildings and architecture in Moscow. You certainly had a wonderful trip! The last photo is the icing on the cake! Have a great day, Mary. Pam

  15. Thank you for the stunning pics and the narration, as always complete and well told.


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