Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Change of Mood.................

I awoke yesterday morning feeling a little better than on the past several.......and although it was not brilliant sunshine streaming in the windows, there was more light and bright going on for a short while before the clouds rolled in.

Our somewhat dreary and depressing so-called Summer months in the southeast USA have been a disappointment this least for for those who love heat, humidity and scorching sun. For me, a dyed in the wool (love wearing wool!) Brit, who almost died in the heat when I first moved here, this weather is OK.

Sharing here my great last minute find at SuzAnna's Antiques on Sunday. Last minute because I was picking granddaughter Jasmin up from work there, and the shop was all locked up when I spied this pair of beautiful old, grey, metal with patina thrown in, planters in the outdoor area. Fortunately 'Mr. SuzAnna's Antiques', the wonderful Bruce, was leaving too and gave me a great price, thank you very much, so they came home with me. 
Bob's question did not deter me -- the usual something like, "But what will you put in them?" 
Right now nothing - I love them empty on the dining room table.

Have you read/used this amazing story/cookbook? I've had it several years and pulled it off the shelf a few days ago to read it again and search for some authentic French recipes. Vincent's last 70 paintings were done in 70 days in room number 5 of the Auberge Ravoux. Sadly, due to progressive mental illness, it is said that Vincent committed suicide in the same room. 

What in the world are these you are thinking. Apparently two charming little bunny rabbit cages - discovered at The Depot in Concord, NC a couple of weeks ago. Guess they have patina too, or should we just say rust! Cute locks though and spotlessly clean thankfully. They are going on the floor as they're perfect to hold file folders containing all my stuff.......such as gardening, decorating, projects planned, pages torn from magazines, travel memorabilia, computer notes etc. 

Have you been treasure hunting lately? 
Show and tell time...........we really want 
to see what you discovered!


  1. Oh, Mary, your new planters are fabulous. It's always a treat to find a pair of something. I recently returned from a visit with my mom. My sister and I took a few hours to do a little treasure hunting on "antique row". I found a few goodies I plan to share soon. I was in Corpus Christi near the bay, and it seems things with a shell theme spoke to me.

  2. Oh Mary I would have nabbed those gorgeous planters too - they look super on your table!
    LOve the little rabbit cages too - I can see all sorts of uses for those too.

    I'm like you and prefer the cooler weather... the temperatures in high 30s for three weeks when I was in France - I felt like a wet rag - no energy!
    Good to hear you are feeling a little better.

    Take care
    Shane xox

  3. Hey Mary, hope you are bearing up with that hot and sticky heat. I was at a hotel for lunch this week and thought of you as the bathrooms had the most gorgeous Asprey handsoap that you would have loved. Who knew Asprey did handsoap!

  4. You certainly have had unusual summer weather this year, Mary. A lot like ours as some of those systems travel up the eastern seaboard to the Maritimes. We've had a lot of rain and it's been cool. Except for today and tomorrow - sunny, hot and humid! That last hurrah of summer for us. The metal treasures are really interesting. I can see lots of uses for the bowls both indoors and out. They all have that nice aged look to them. The only treasure I have purchased this summer is a $2.00 vintage aqua medicine bottle. I checked on line and they sell anywhere from $2.99 to $19.00 depending on condition. Mine is in perfect condition but so dirty inside. I've cleaned and soaked it and it's fine. I wish you a wonderful day. Hugs. Pam

  5. Those are some lovely finds Mary. I have been out twice in the last month and came home empty handed! Hopefully I will have better luck when you are visiting.

    Today it is raining. I play tennis on Wed and Fri mornings and it seems to rain one of the two mornings each week.

  6. Love your finds. Hummmm? Treasure hunting? Well I did just buy a battered green metal tool box, which I am going to use for art supplies for my special little guy eventually. Then a brown transferware large size egg cup, which will hold flowers. It will show up on my tea table. That's it, not really looking, but then things just jump up and grab us, don't they? Lovely baskets sitting there on your table would be a grabber for sure.

  7. Love your new treasures, my friend. I always love peeks in to your beautiful home. No new treasures for me lately - I have yet to explore any antique shops in this area.


  8. Love your latest finds, Mary. And glad you are feeling a bit better. I cannot believe how much it has been raining in NC. Here in Kansas it has been unseasonably cool, but I welcome it.


  9. I love love love old metal things - and yours are tremendous. And I'm glad you are feeling a little better today.

    I have been finding the cutest tea cups lately - not sure why there are so many out there but it is sure is nice to find them at a reasonable price. We went to an estate sales and they had tea cups for 15.00 and up - EACH - well the next week the same ones, with the same price stickers, were in Goodwill for 2.99 each - so guess what came home with me?

    As unusual as your weather has been this summer - our unusual weather in the Pacific Northwest has been fabulous - sunshine every day (we usually have some rain in the summer) and temperatures about 75 most days - absolutely perfect. It is the topic of conversation where ever you go - how lovely the weather is this summer. Last summer we had less than two weeks of nice summer weather - so we are enjoying every single minute of this year.

  10. Those old metal planters are wonderful, Mary. It will be fun to see where they eventually land up, but in the meantime, your table looks well with them.
    I'm going to look for that book. Perhaps the library will have a copy. I am apparently distantly related to VVG through his mother's family, and my children and I call him (tongue in cheek)"Uncle Vince." He was certainly talented and equally tormented.

    I've not been out looking for anything lately so haven't found anything. Instead I'm decluttering - trying to clean out a few closets and drawers.

    Our summer has been wonderful, weatherwise - lots and lots of sunshine, but not scorching hot. Very little rain and things are looking dry. Now that the days are getting shorter and the nights cooler, there's an urgency about the days as if to say, "pack in all the summer delights you can, because it won't last long." So I will.

    Have a lovely day, Mary. I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better.

  11. Lovely planters. We had a similar one in France and I kept it full of fruit!

  12. So glad your feeling a bit better. I love the planters. You can do a lot with those. Especially with what I have seen of your decorating style. You will make them beautiful!

  13. You certainly did find some unusual treasures, Mary, and you have displayed them with such style and imagination. Clever girl! I'm more in the mood for scavenger hunting than treasure hunting at the moment, having way too much fun looking for fun things to photograph. I did find a vintage milk canister & garden gnome at the weekend, he certainly has patina!

  14. Great treasures! I need to go treasure hunting in our storage room and do some decluttering, LOL.

  15. I will have to send this to daddy!! Mr SuzAnna's Antiques! Too cute!


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