Friday, August 30, 2013

Heading 'back east' today...........................

On the road again this morning...............heading home and leaving the beautiful western mountains of North Carolina to those lucky souls who live here. Our break was perfect and the weather was kind - we'd expected some rain but it didn't come, instead very warm, clear days with cool nights. Tinges of Autumn beginning to show and within the next month this region will be painted in brilliant color.

Will catch with you when I'm settled back at home.....and show you more of Asheville.


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Asheville. Your photo is lovely. That is such a beautiful area and I can already picture the beauty when the leaves begin to change. Makes me want to take a little road trip.

  2. Always nice to get back home again even if the trip was wonderful. Happy travels.

  3. That's a lovely photo - maybe one day I'll have chance to visit North Carolina. Hope you had a good journey home.

  4. Beautiful photo!
    Happy travels home.

  5. Hope you arrived home safely! Western NC is quite a treasure, and we thoroughly enjoyed the fall colors there last year. You got to love those ancient hills!

  6. Beautiful image, Mary. Travel safely and have a great holiday weekend.

  7. I think you should persuade Bob to move to Asheville. You love it, and Vanessa is there- sounds perfect to me Mar.

    1. P - Vanessa moved to Charlotte, not Asheville!
      We love it there in the mountains and will always visit, however you know he won't move there, LOL!!!


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