Monday, August 12, 2013

Southern grown peaches..............

We grow some good, dripping down your chin, juicy 
peaches here in North Carolina.............and South Carolina 
peaches are awesome. But it's really hard 
to beat a Georgia peach. We're enjoying them this 
week now they've reached their peak in the Southeast.
Can you enjoy locally grown peaches in your area?


  1. Oh I'm so envious of your juicy ripe peaches Mary! Stunning photos too.
    I'm so glad you're enjoying wonderful summer fruit - it's a very bleak mid winter's day where I am!!!

    Dinner for us tonight is soup and cheese scones!

    I really appreciate your comment - you've put a whole new perspective on things for - which is exactly what I hoped would happen!!!
    I'm floundering but I'll go back to the store on Thursday and hopefully make the right decision!

    Shane x

  2. We love the Okanagan peaches that are so delicious at this time of year. Of course we have all heard about the Georgia Peach! Your photos are lovely.

  3. Yes, we are enjoying our local NC and SC peaches. I haven't seen any fresh Ga peaches yet. Hope you are feeling better Mary.

    1. Penny, found them at Whole Foods - really big and juicy - the South Carolina ones are good too!
      Mary -

  4. I'm going shopping right now to see if I can find a Georgia peach!! I love peaches!

  5. Being a Georgia Peach I can attest to that. :) Although I did pick up some lovely SC peaches this past week for hubby to munch on.

    I have so enjoyed your travel pictures. Thanks for taking us along.

    Jake's a Girl

  6. Your peachy photos are gorgeous, Mary. Just yesterday I had one for lunch and was thinking how lucky we are to have them so readily available in this area. I often see them selling them out of trucks in the parking lot of our Target store. Can't beat the sweet taste.
    To answer your recent question left in my comments. I have not been to the Depot in Concord. I hear such good things about it and it isn't all that far from where I live so, I must make a trip. Glad you were able to go treasure hunting there and thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Peach season is just beginning in BC - ours come from the sunny Okanagan and I love them! When we went through the south a number of years ago, I wanted to try a Georgia peach and have to say it was mealy and not sweet. Disappointing. I'm sure it was just picked too early because I've heard raves about them all my life.

  8. When I was a child we lived where it was cold enough to grow peaches. We grew really delicious yellow peaches. Now I wait until Christmas to get some. A friend sent me a recipe book from a Peaches Festival in Texas which was rather nice, but I prefer my peaches raw.

  9. Oh yummmm! I love a good summer, juicy peach. I am sure the peaches you get are amazing.
    We are having peach season now, but they aren't as good as California or Georgia. Your photos
    just make me salivate to reach in and grab one.

  10. Oh Mary, I have been enjoying our local peaches for a few weeks. I get them from the farmer at the Farmer's Market. They have been exceptional this year. I need to make my preserves before the season is over.

  11. Have emailed you.
    Love you

  12. Peaches, delicious, can't wait for summer in Australia. Of course being on the coast, they won't be quite local, but close enough.

    And fresh figs from your garden I saw in an earlier post too. Yum.
    But I couldn't help worrying about the mosquitoes you mentioned,
    it sounds very much like our climate here!


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