Friday, August 9, 2013

Photo Challenge - Water...........

It's time for a little fun and photography over at 
Donna's (Cottage Days and Journeys) other blog, 
A Personal Photo Challenge.

For this month's Photo Challenge, WATER, where to start was my problem. I have taken so many photos of so much water on my travels and once again it's hard to pick. Not wanting just blue water, shimmering in the sunshine, I decided to share water at different times of the day in different parts of the world.

Still delta waters run deep and are often deep blue.
One of the most beautiful and memorable bodies of 
water I've sailed on was the Okavango Delta 
in Botswana. 
On my first trip to Africa in 2010 I took a trip on 
a small motorboat through the 
'elephant channel'. Go HERE to see 
more of that amazing evening and how the water 
turned from friendly to quite frightening! 

Photo taken with the Olympus SP-590UZ

The images above and below were taken in Chiang Mai, Thailand, December 2011. 

Taken within a few minutes of each other, these two 
photos show the natural water of the rice paddy and the 
man-made infinity swimming pools. I thought the line of 
traditional blue-clothed workers leaving for the day, 
walking silently except for the sounds of soft tinkling 
bells and drum, was a beautiful sight in the setting sun 
reflected in the rippling waters.

More images from Chiang Mai HERE

Both Chiang Mai images were taken with the Olympus SP-590UZ.

No place like home. This is an early morning view 
of Tor Bay - looking out toward the English Channel 
and across to France during my trip home to 
Torquay, Devon for Christmas 2012. 
Although the bay is perhaps more beautiful later when 
the waters are blue and inviting, I thought this time of 
day was interesting too......and I loved catching the 
seagull just about to fly away.

Taken with the Olympus SP-590UZ.

"I'm looking pretty good today"

A few of the hundreds of thousands of King penguins on 
South Georgia Island ~ Southern Ocean, January 2013.
On an Antarctic expedition there is a lot of water. 
The colors range from brilliant blue to pure white, 
with gigantic icebergs to match. On this late chilly 
afternoon, heading back to the Zodiacs to ride out 
to the anchored ship, we enjoyed snapping images of 
the penguins mirrored in the water of a shallow pond.

Taken with the Canon EOS7D - Tamron 18-270 lens.
Click images - some will enlarge.
Check out Donna's photo blog HERE

FYI: I will be taking a little blog break over the 
weekend, perhaps even into next week. 
I'm having a flare-up of my Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) - 
read this post if you're not familiar with this condition. 
Shoulders/arms/hands and hip movements are limited and 
very painful.
My doctor is gradually weaning me off prednisone - the only 
treatment for PMR - and my dosage was lowered last week. 
Seems this amount is not going to work for me, darn it! 
Dislike taking any meds, don't you?
Hopefully I'll be here next week - it's hard to stay 
away from posting! I'm sorry also if I don't comment for 
a few days at least, I especially need to 
rest my arms/hands.....but I will read 
your posts.


  1. Mary, you have done it again. Such a beautiful post on water and in such interesting places. As always I love traveling with you and seeing things through your eyes/images. Thank you so much. I hope you hands and arms will feel much better soon.

  2. Wow! What beautiful photos! I envy your travels, but your camera is the next best thing. You're quite talented!

  3. I always look forward to your travel photos! The little detail of the seagull, ready for liftoff, really caught my eye. And the penguin one gave me a giggle! Great job and thanks for participating.

  4. These are amazing photos! Thank you for sharing!

    My prayers are with you for better health.


  5. What amazing photos ! I especially love the ones taken in Thailand. It's like stepping into another time, not just another country. I hope you feel better soon, my friend! Take care of yourself! Sweet hugs from Florida, Diane

  6. Oh my, to travel to so many parts of the world would bring you in close contact with large and small bodies of water. Your photos are all exquisite, I don't think I could pick a favourite.

  7. Hi Mary. These are absolutely gorgeous photos! Wow. They could be in a coffee table book and sold in a big book store. The colours in the one of the infinity pool are amazing. I hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer. Hugs. Pam

  8. Absolutely striking photographs! I'm amazed at the drama of the third one, though they are all beautiful.

  9. These are stunning, each and every one!

    I hope you feel better soon.

  10. Wow! those are all gorgeous! I think my favorite is the second one but they are all stunning!

  11. These are all amazing. The second one is my favorite!

  12. Absolutely lovely photos, Mary.
    I wish you well as you come off the medication. I think I have told you that my cousin and my father both suffer from the same polymylagia. For Dad, there has been some relief - it came as quickly and mysteriously as the affliction did!

  13. Stunning photos of exotic places! Good luck with getting off the meds. Prednisone is a real monster. I tried to take it for a skin issue and it made me sick as a dog.

  14. Charming photos - the penguins are great!! I've sent you an email about a few things that I didn't want to comment on in your blog. Hugs

  15. Your photos are stunning! I cannot pick a favourite. Love them all... That blue water around the lily is just amazing...

  16. Your photos are beautiful Mary. I love the one of the rice workers the best. I hope you feel better soon!

  17. Wow what a lovely presentation of water,and what a fabulous adventure.

  18. Loved the photos! So Beautiful....and I hope you can find the right mix for your medication!
    Feel better soon!

  19. Hi Mary, such a beautiful entry this month. Wish you some relief from that chronic situation you are dealing with. You are very strong to just keep on keeping on. Blessings
    Peggy (QMM)

  20. Hello Mary,

    I love these photos, especially the rice paddy and the infinity pool. You captured such amazing light. Wonderful.
    I hate taking medication, too - hope that you can find relief soon.

  21. Love your water photos Mary. Thanks so much for popping in to mine also.
    Your blog is indeed a breath of fresh air, although I am sad to hear of your PMR.
    Horrible. Having a similar sort of thing now and then I can sympathize with you!
    Although mine is actually i my feet at the moment, so resting is also important,
    but yes, the getting up after is painful.moving around is OK.
    Trying to find the balance between them both is the tricky bit.
    Do hope you will be feeling better soon.


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