Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer collections...............

My Friday visit with Vanessa to the amazing, gigantic 
antiquing mall, The Depot at the Gibson Mill 
in Concord, NC, had treasures galore. I'll show you 
what I found later when I get home!
An abundance of beautiful sea shells (above image from 
The Depot) made me want to run home and do a beach 
some little corner of the house.

Are you a shell collector?
Read about the interesting history of beachcombing HERE.

Do you beachcomb along the shoreline?

What do you do with shells you've collected?  
Do you hold them to your ear and listen to the ocean?
How do you display them?


  1. Oh, Mary, these images make me want to plan a trip to the shore. I grew up near the beach, so yes, picking up sea shells was a natural. Who could resist holding these pretty little treasures. I had a nice collection from years and years. I used them in my classroom in an interest center, so when I retired, my box of shells stayed behind. I know children are still enjoying the magic of these age old shells, but sometimes wish I'd kept a few for myself. Seems I don't often find many shells on the beach as I used to, but then I'm rarely at the beach. I do have a lovely little box covered in shells that sits among my Nantucket Lightship Baskets. Thanks for sharing this bit of inspiration.

  2. When I lived in Florida, I was a beach comber and shell collector. I had glass bowls filled with shells in different rooms. I only have one shell now, on my bedroom dresser. Kent and I found it while walking on Marco Island Beach several years ago.

  3. Oh yes, dear! I do collect lots of shells as you've seen here around my "new" barn. :)
    We had a wonderful time! I want to go back to the Depot, gotta find me some new seaside treasures! Love ~ Vanessa

  4. I beach comb every chance I get! There are few things as exciting as finding a pristine sand dollar or scallop shell. I love the birdcage with seashells! I think I finally have a use for an antique wooden birdcage I've had around for a while. :D

  5. So funny - I've just come in from the beach where I've been beachcombing at low tide. Today's haul is a giant sack of lovely purple shells. I have already cleaned and them and they are out on the patio drying. I will make a wreathe for my son and daughter-in-law, who live far from beaches and salt water.

  6. Oh yes, I do collect bits and pieces from the shoreline. I have a slowly growing collection of sea glass that is lovely when paired with candlelight. Some dishes of shells both from our years in South America and others from Canada. Driftwood bits look pretty in a glass container too, or under a cloche. So many ideas. I love bringing a bit of nature indoors.
    Your images are very inspiring.

  7. Oh how I love to beachcomb. Most beaches in my part of the world don't have much to find anymore, but I have found one recently that sometimes has small beach glass. Oh I am in love with that beach. I have two small dishes with small shells collected and place there.

  8. I visit many many shorelines during our sailing seasons. I don't bring shells home anymore because you can only fill so many clear glass lamps or make so many mirrors or frames, ya know? Instead, I usually bring home one stand-out rock from each place I visit. I always write on the bottom where it came from and I keep them in a special starfish tray on the table beside my chair. Just today I picked up one of them and looked on the bottom....making me smile, remembering that particular trip!
    When we added a room onto our lake house and put a new flagstone fireplace in....I used a few of my collected rocks to put into the structure when they were building it..right now, I'm looking at those, between the stones, and remembering exactly where I was when I picked them out to bring home!!

  9. I love to walk the beach looking for treasures.
    I brought back small pieces of sea glass gathered on the dark grey beach of Positano last year. Now they sit in a bowl on my dressing table and remind me daily of our wonderful trip to the Amalfi coast.
    Your images are beautiful, love the sepia tones.

  10. I love the first display. My seashells are here and there. The small ones in a clear glass pitcher on the kitchen counter. After seeing this I am yearning for the sea.

  11. We live on the coast in NW Washington - not right on the shore but near enough to gather shells and driftwood - I love beach combing. Lovely photos.

  12. Collections are always so beautiful to me. IT truly speaks to a person's individuality and what they like. I am completely in love with the first display. Just lovely.



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