Monday, August 19, 2013

Moscow in the sunshine................

Sorry, left you in the lurch many weeks back. 
Promised you more on my visit to Moscow, see HERE
and then life got in the way. 
Has a habit of doing that doesn't it, sometimes 
good other times not so!

Click images to enlarge ~

That murky morning heading to Red Square.

My 'PicMonkey postcard' - yes, I returned in 
the afternoon after the rain, camera in hand, and was able to 
see beautiful St. Basil's and much more of the city in sunshine.

Some clouds but glorious sunshine too.

 Looking across the city from the Sparrow Hills - highest 
vantage point to get great views of the expanse of the city.
Above, the panoramic view on the wet, misty morning......

............then later in the afternoon sunshine.

The Trinity Church on Sparrow Hills in 
the rain................

..........later in the afternoon sunshine with several brides, 
and the colorful balloon lady!

 More views from the high Sparrow Hills across to a 
modern area of the city.

 Beautiful Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - the tallest 
Orthodox Christian Church in the world.

 The Kremlin.......

....and just outside the Kremlin is the famous Red Square.

St. Basil's Cathedral again - wish I'd had more time to 
explore inside which is said to be as beautiful as outside.

I took a lot of photos in Moscow. The city was busy, 
fast-paced, huge, and holds 11 million people. 
It is definitely a tantalizing place for visitors and I 
would like to return and spend more time there. 

The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow

I'm working on one more Moscow post to conclude my recent Japan/Russia trip. 
The architecture was quite stunning, buildings old and new 
much more beautiful, and definitely more colorful than 
expected, and little things made the overall city 
a joy to visit.


  1. Back from my summer vacation, and with the busiest time at work behind me, now I finally had time to catch up with your blog. As usual it was a nice and interesting reading, of course! I'm (slowly) updating my own site, come visit, you will be more than welcome!

  2. What a city of contrasts, old and new. It must have been a fascinating place to visit.

  3. Beautiful photos of the architecture and city life in Moscow! It certainly looks much better in the sunshine! I love the polka dot balloons! Have a great day. Hugs. Pam

  4. What an amazing city - and fabulous photos. Whenever I see pictures of St. Basil's I wonder about the painters and how they must work to get the colors exact.

    it is interesting, the emotions and thoughts that the word "Kremlin" that come to mind in our generation - I'm sure those that are much younger don't have those same feelings.

    Your photos are glorious.

  5. Wow, wow, wow!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing those photos. What a beautiful place to see.
    What an exceptional trip you had. I loved every single post!

  6. What a beautiful looking city! So colorful, including the polka dot balloons!

  7. thank you for my visit to Moscow tonight!! Absolutely stunning images. I sure hope you are making books of your travels!

  8. I am surprised to see the color in Moscow here. Lovely! St. Basil's is especially gorgeous and I would love exploring it more also. What a wonderful trip.

  9. Wonderful photos, Mary. Moscow is more photogenic than I imagined it might be.

  10. Mary, thank you so much for your fantastic photos and this tour of Moscow. We can always count on you to take us along!

  11. What an interesting skyline Moscow has. That Christain Orthodox church is magnificent - hadn't seen it before.
    Does anyone buy that woman's balloons and toys?

  12. The architecture there is amazing! And such bright colors! Thank you for the wonderful tour.


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