Friday, August 9, 2013

Time for fresh figs.................

Guess what's growing and ripening outside 
the window......

Yes, they're really coming in hot and heavy now and 
thanks to DH, who braves the beastly mosquitoes, 
there's already a full bowl on the kitchen counter. 
Will I be making jam and figgy desserts soon? 
You bet I will.


  1. I too have been blessed by a good crop of figs. Made my first fig jam this year - and LOVE it! summer blessings x

  2. Oh yummmmmmmmmmmm!
    Can't wait to hear what you make with those special figs.
    Today I will be making pickled beets from the garden.
    It is that kind of summer day where we take the bounty and think of winter treats.
    I keep hoping one day my fig tree will have enough to make fig chutney for winter time delectable.

  3. Mmmmmm I love figs. Figs and thick cream. Dried figs in a salad - however I get them, I love them.

  4. They are beautiful and I know you will enjoy them! Most of my figs are now gone, eaten by bees, squirrels and the like. I gobbled up about six of them when they first began to get ripe and before all the bugs arrived. No fig jam for us this year. I suppose I could still rescue a few of them but this year I'm letting them go to the birds and the bees. Returning from up north for a family wedding, I came home battling a little illness and have no energy to get out there to look for figs. But there is always next year, God willing . . .

  5. I have always loved those big fig leaves!


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