Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fabulous CHRISTMAS Pumpkins. . . . . .

. . . . . . . they are as fresh and firm as the day I brought them home, just 
harvested, from HERE, the Johnson family farm in Angier, NC, back in September! 

Many have been roasted, part of delicious veggie plates and rustic
vegetable tarts, others pureed into robust soups, with several bags 
stashed in the freezer to pull out when something hearty, homemade 
and delicious seems right on a cold winter night.

Now I'm integrating several of the pumpkins into my Christmas decor - I just 
cannot say goodbye to them. . . . .yet!

I decided silvery pumpkins would be stunning but I didn't want them glittery or shiny.
Looking through the cans of spray paint at Michael's - and yes, they're now kept in 
a locked cage due to bad customers opening the cans and spraying the paint on 
counters and fixtures to check the colors - it was a hard decision between a mirror 
finish and brushed nickel. 

The latter won and I am thrilled with the outcome. I used my grey-green pumpkins, 
taping off the stalks before spraying - but this particular paint has primer in it so 
one quick spray over any color should work, and it dries within minutes to the 
soft silvery glow I was looking for, fabulous.

These are new candles for Christmas. Have you priced tapers lately, 
they've become quite expensive, and I required six for this pair of candelabras 
from SuzAnna's Antiques. I found these last week - two boxes of six on a sale table 
at Bed, Bath & Beyond - most were primary colors but these chocolate brown ones 
were perfect for me, and at just $4.99 a box I have six to burn and six spare ones for later.

This is the particular paint I used - what do you think?
I'm sure you'll agree the pumpkins are having a great time 
here at the cottage. 
Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and now Christmas - they continue to 
bring much happiness and a special glow to our home for the holiday season.

Other than picking up a few fresh greens next week, my decorating for the 
holidays is done, both inside and out.
Moving on to other things now - never a dull moment.

How about you?


  1. Your holiday touches look wonderful. You've got your French/Nordic look nailed, Mary. What a great idea to spray the pumpkins to make them fit into your Christmas scheme. Have a happy day!

  2. I like that brushed nickel and the pumpkins look great. I can't believe they are still firm! I love your decor for Christmas. Your dining room looks very French country. Lovely!

  3. They look gorgeous, Mary. Whenever I need some 'sophistication and class' in my life I head to your blog. hahaha! Seriously, I think your blog is one of the most beautiful in blogland. I could spend the day sitting in that beautiful dining-room, sipping tea and playing in your step-back. Love it so much. I was really looking forward to seeing your Christmas decor and you did not disappoint. I didn't think we would have a tree this year as we are still between houses but I need to bring up the artificial one today and decorate or I'm going to go bananas. Thanks for sharing your lovely home. Deb

  4. Your pumpkins looks beautiful in the brushed nickel Mary. It is amazing how long they have lasted. My two pumpkins on my front porch got mushy after we had a freeze a week or so before Thanksgiving, otherwise I would try this idea! Your dining room looks wonderful. A perfect place to enjoy a cozy holiday meal.

  5. Your house looks beautiful Mary. So festive! I liked the way you spraid the pumpkin. I still have one on my balcony. I may follow your example there!

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  6. Mary,
    Your decorations are just spectacular. Love the silver pumpkins and brown candles.
    I am going to remember that idea next year. This year it is tradition colors here at the
    homestead. The tree is up and decorated, the mantel is full of light and snowmen,
    my little vintage Christmas house are sitting on display, and the music is playing
    Tea time this coming Friday and Saturday, then time to sit with a cup of hot chocolate
    and wait for St. Nick. Ha! There will be a few cookies yet to bake and packages to mail.

  7. What a wonderful idea! And the results beautiful . . . . I always hated parting with my pumpkins also (I would just throw in the woods for the birds and what-not:) Beautiful decor and I love the ceramic xmas tree on the silver tray - looks so nice.

  8. I agree - the pumpkins are wonderful and probably having a grand time sticking around so long. I love how elegant everything looks in your decorations.

  9. What a marvelous idea to spray the pumpkins for Christmas! Such a creative lady with that special touch....stunning. You chose the right color. Thanks for sharing.

  10. The pumpkins are beautiful. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I like your tree also. Its it wood?

  11. Mary...I have been absent so long and so I caught up a bit with your last few posts. The decorations for the holidays...just the right touch and perfectly beautiful while being simple. I so wish I could restrain myself somewhat! The bakery, heavenly! Did you buy much? ;-)

    Your dining room is lovely. The pumpkins and entire centerpiece on your table are the star of the show of course. I'd love to try this, spray painting the pumpkins (I have often wondered why the paint is caged up like that-thank you for clarifying). I agree on the tapers, I have a candelabra and a few silver candlesticks that I adore and found that Michael's and Hobby Lobby have good prices. Surprisingly they burn clean without much dripping.

    Thank you so much for your comment today. I am moving along with the help of Emily. I shunned it for awhile, I always try to be so "independent". lol! She got me moving which I needed after the news of my friend's passing. This will be a very hard weekend but I'm no exception from all of us who grieve our losses.

    Much love to you and Bob, as always.

    Jane xx


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