Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas around the cottage . . . . .

I'm terribly busy and rushed but I did manage to do a lot of decorating 
in the past few days. Thought I'd share a few pics before I rush out to 
another Christmas concert. Granddaughter Jasmin has a solo today, 
the concert is at her old elementary school. We love to go back and 
visit with the teachers as well as hear the music!

How are you doing with your decorating?  
I'm late visiting and commenting, forgive me - will 
try hard to catch up soon.


  1. Hi Mary - This is all so beautiful. I especially loved the snow-covered trees with the fox lingering close by. So gorgeous. I have a 'thing' for the fox as not only do I love the animal but it was my mother's maiden name. Your window looks so festive and pretty. Enjoy your concert and all the Christmas fun. Deb

  2. Lovely Christmas touches, Mary. I'm not nearly done, either, but I did do a few thing yesterday, so the decorating is at least begun. Perhaps we'll get a tree this weekend and then I can finish. Meanwhile, we're having the two little grandgirlies over for a special event and the night tonight and tomorrow a dinner party. I'll just light a bunch of candles to make everything look festive!

    Enjoy the concert. That's something you don't want to miss.

  3. Mary it all looks fabulous! You are so far ahead of me. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. It all looks amazing. Nothing Christmassy happening in the A Bit About Britain household yet, probably because I'm a curmudgeonly old *** - who is nevertheless delighted to be able to spell curmudgeonly at the first attempt and at this time of life. There's an other world quality about some of your photos in this post - I don't know if you've done anything to them, but they look wonderful and slightly retro.

  5. I love all your Christmas decor. It really is very pretty with the bottle brush trees, snowflakes and glass balls. Was the fox mis-behaving? I see he's got his nose in a corner. :) My decorating is complete and now I'm trying to get my cards done. I'm am very slow this year. Can't seem to get in the groove at all. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  6. Hi Pamela - aren't foxes ALWAYS misbehaving, haha! I found him this year at Crate & Barrel and thought he was cute - comes 'flat-packed' and there were many other animals too. We actually have grey foxes here not red ones.
    Hope you get your groove back soon dear.

  7. Your decorating touches are gorgeous and I love your header. We have done a little decorating and plan more this week.

  8. It took me awhile to find the fox!
    Love your style, just beautiful festive decor. I'm going to keep it simple this year. I won't be having any company. All the nieces and nephews are going south this winter.


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