Sunday, December 28, 2014

She's all grown up!

 Cassie & Richard's Summer photos

My beautiful granddaughter Cassandra met a wonderful Englishman.
They became friends. Very close friends.
They traveled to England to view the Olympic Games.
They became runners themselves.
Neither ran away. 
He bought a ring. She bought a gown.
They set a date.
This week his family flew across the pond.

Last evening in the North Carolina countryside, as the sun went 
down, we had a wedding rehearsal and a fabulous dinner.
We met lovely new people. British accents were heard. 
A little English princess was dressed like a rose, but named Lily. 
Her tiny baby sister never cried, instead smiled at all we strangers 
with her clear baby blues.

As we sleep I think we'll all be dreaming of a beautiful wedding.


  1. may God bless this wedding and couple!!

  2. What a sweet story, Mary. All the best to the young couple.

  3. Tomorrow will be a glorious day for you all - congratulations and every happiness to the lovely couple. Sweet dreams Mary.

  4. Beautiful photos, Mary. Your tree shots are amazing. Wishing the new couple a wonderful life. Deb

  5. Mary, my friend, what a beautiful post! Your words were beautiful and so were the pictures! The story was also very beautiful and I hope the wedding is just as beautiful!! I wish so much good luck and happiness for this wonderful couple!!! HUGS!!

  6. How wonderful Mary! This is such a lovely post. I wish them all the best the world has to offer!

  7. How lovely! That last shot of the moon through the trees is awesome. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. What a happy occasion Mary! I wish you a gorgeous day! I can imagine the fun of the two families meeting and celebrating. Have a wonderful time!

  9. How wonderful Mary! I hope the wedding goes well as two lovely families unite xx

  10. How perfectly perfect ... Congratulations to all .. love, C

  11. How wonderful! The wedding location looks gorgeous and I just know the wedding was pure joy and delight.


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