Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas treasures found. . . . . .

SuzAnna's Antiques - Emily's Signs

On a recent visit to SuzAnna's Antiques  - go here to see what's still on offer 
for Christmas - and the surrounding wonderful Vintage Village shops, I did find a 
few things so pretty I just had to bring them home for the holidays!
If you know my taste in home decor and Christmas decorating, you will most 
likely be able to guess which ones they are in these three pics.

SuzAnna's Antiques - at the Vintage Village, Raleigh, NC

Two Old Birds - Vintage Village, Raleigh, NC

This 'special tree' on the porch of the 'Two Old Birds'  fabulous shop in the 
village grabbed my attention. Difficult to capture in a photo at night, and 
SO beautiful, I have to share it with you because it's an idea I'm keeping 
in mind for Christmas 2015. 
They left a tree outside all year, allowing it to drop its needles and dry out, then 
this season gently sprayed it unevenly with artificial snow and added just a 
few bright red feathered cardinals - all the decoration required to make it so 
natural looking and eye catching thanks to owner Susan's former career as a 
very creative florist.
 I completely fell in love with this look and will try to replicate it for an outdoor 
tree on my front porch next year - go ahead, call me a copycat! 
(I think it might be a fire hazard for indoor use so wouldn't advise that). 
I'll be looking for a pre-loved tree soon, perhaps even pick up a discarded 
one up at the curb, and will set it in the back garden where it will await  
transformation at this time next year.

Are you finding that Christmas decorating ideas this year are quite amazing?
Of course the online offerings from around the world are awesome, but 
personally I'm finding wonderful ideas right here in my local shops, garden 
centers, even the big box stores.

Happy Christmas decorating.

Oh, did you guess which pretties came home with me?
Emily's painted Christmas Tree door
The two little silver handbags
The two crusty painted pots/saucers


  1. Fun finds, Mary. Don't you love this time of year?
    Happy Holidays to you and Bob........Sarah

  2. I love your choices. That tree is fabulous! If I thought we would still be in this house next Christmas I might just try that with my tree, but hopefully the house will be sold sometime this spring.

  3. I had to go back and sigh over the silver bag.
    It is lovely.


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