Monday, December 15, 2014

Oh Christmas Trees - - - - - - -

This year we've not purchased a live tree. We're really lacking space and 
expecting a lot of company at one time, this means nobody can move with 
drink/plate of Christmas nibbles in hand without perhaps tripping over 
something - a tree would be hazardous!
Instead the very lovely symbol of Christmas will shine in other ways 
around the cottage.

You may recall this little metal tree - vintage perhaps, not certain though, 
could be repro - found at SuzAnna's Antiques a couple of years ago. 
I've used it here before and also in the living room. With the addition of those
 popular very tiny LED battery operated lights, it looks pretty at night.

I use it mostly to display my collection of bird ornaments and crystals.

I've also added a few mementos from last June's trip to the Baltic States and 
St. Petersburg, Russia - the Swedish Dala horses and the Russian icon.

In the living room is "Bob's Tree". A ceramic musical tree lit with glass birds, 
made especially for Bob by one of his co-workers many, many years ago. 
I thought she was most generous to do this for him, it's beautifully painted, 
and plays 'Frosty the Snowman'  . . . . . .and Christmas just wouldn't be 
Christmas for hubby without 'his tree'.

My new 'tree' purchase this year.  I saw this old door, 
complete with vintage hinges and lock, and beautifully painted by Emily, 
whose mom Susie and sis Jenny, are the owners of fabulous 
SuzAnna's Antiques.
I think this is a perfect WELCOME sign at the cottage entrance.

Every year the screened gazebo gets decorated with a faux tree. 
We can view it from our kitchen and living room windows and not worry 
about it getting in the way inside the cottage. It can stay up through the 
long cold winter nights, shielded from the winds, safe from visiting wildlife. 
Sometimes I remove the ornaments after Christmas and leave it up longer 
with just lights. It looks so beautiful if we have a snowfall - something I'll be 
looking forward to perhaps in January when people are not facing so
much travel.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, thy leaves are so unchanging - - - - - - - 
O Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree, such pleasure do you bring me.
(O Tannebaum - traditional German Christmas song) 


  1. All of your Christmas trees are so charming Mary. I love the one painted on the old door.

  2. That is a fine tree. I have three little ones all decorated with birds.

  3. Now I love that tin tree even more. That is spectacular with all the glitter and the very unique bird ornaments. I love it, Mary. And I do believe your guests will be delighted when they see your porch tree that greets them. Very nice. Deb

  4. That metal tree is wonderful. It seems odd to me that Americans use so many Christmas trees, but it's a different climate and a different culture. I usually put up a tree, but not all my friends and family do so.

  5. Your home is beautifully decorated for Christmas even if there is no live tree! It is all so festive and beautiful. How clever to put one in the gazebo where it delights from afar. Your beautiful Russian icon is perfect, and so is the little horse, with the dining room tree. Really, each of your trees is special and I can't decide which is my favorite!

  6. Dear Mary, I love all of your Christmas decorations. I don't know which is my favorite, maybe your very first photograph of your metal tree and all of its interesting and charming decorations.
    Oh Tannenbaum, oh Tannenbaum we treu sind deine Blätter, du grünst nicht nur in Sommerzeit nein auch im Winter wenn es schneit, Oh Tannenbaum, oh Tannenbaum wie grün sind deine Blätter.

  7. Mary, I love it all! I am especially fond of the door. Your Christmas plans sound lovely! Hugs!

  8. It's all just beautiful - love the white metal tree, the painted door on the porch and the huge tree out in the gazebo. You did a lovely job with everything!

  9. I love it all - the white metal tree, the painted door, the tree in the gazebo. You did a beautiful job. Everything looks lovely.

  10. Oh your tree in the gazebo, the tree at your front door, and the metal tree too
    are all so lovely. I would leave the tree lights up in the winter gazebo too. The
    lights just lighten the way to Spring. I think I will be leaving some lights up in
    my house too.

  11. It all looks just beautiful, Mary. Of course, I expect no less! Love O Chrismas Tree/Tannenbaum sung by Mario Lanza - reminds me of Christmases past. It's also the tune to 'Red Flag', 'The Internationale'...!

  12. I have always loved those ceramic trees with the little bulbs attached. Grandma Peggy had one at Grandpa Bud's house. It did not make music, but it was my favorite decoration at their home when I was a child. I can't wait to come by and see all of your decorations! xx

  13. You would hardly miss a traditional tree with all the beauties you have - the metal tree is so unique and full of character. And I think the gazebo tree is pure magic!

  14. Oh your trees are fabulous - I adore the metal one - and the gazebo - oh they are all wonderful.

  15. Mary, I love all your special trees. The tin tree is really fun and the hummingbirds and feeder ornament is so sweet. I have 2 white ceramic trees here and a larger green one still in the attic at our son's house. I should bring it down here. The painted tree on the old door is so neat and perfect at the front door. It is all very beautiful!

  16. Oh dear Mary - the magic of Christmas at your house Mary, so very special!
    I would have bought that metal tree if I had walked into Suzanna's before you - ha ha - if only!!
    Bob's ceramic tree is beautiful and the gazebo tree must look very pretty with twinkling lights in the evening.
    Happy Christmas

  17. I very much enjoyed reading about the quest for reindeer and about your beautiful trees. May your Christmas be merry and bright and may all your guests and trees remain vertical! =D


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