Saturday, December 20, 2014

Friendship at Christmas. . . . . .

I've certainly been extra busy the past week - but had such a great time with 
family, and many wonderful friends, as we all prepare for Christmas. 

Mary and Paula - Two Old Birds
via Rob Pheil

This week, fabulous friend Paula came all the way to North Carolina 
from San Francisco -  accompanied by great friends Kim and Rob - for a fun three day 
pre-Christmas visit, where we shopped and ate and shopped some more--------and to 
attend my granddaughter Jasmin's special Christmas choral concert.  

The day this pic was taken in front of the most appropriate shop sign at 
the Vintage Village, 'Two Old Birds', was the anniversary of the day the 
two of us first met 52 years ago in Washington, DC. If you aren't familiar with 
our awesome longtime friendship, go HERE to see where Paula took me in 
2013 to celebrate 50 years as BFF's.
Whoever knew that two adventurous 'young chicks' from the same town in England, 
would meet here, in the nation's capital, and form a bond which has lasted over 
half a century!
Paula, Kim and Rob, thanks so much for coming to see us--------
and have a fabulous Christmas in California.


  1. How wonderful that you have had this friendship over the years!
    You will treasure that picture. It is precious.

  2. The ability to maintain a long friendship is truly a gift!
    Hank you for the comment on my blog. I have sent you an email of explanation.

  3. I think yours is the best story of a long friendship. Wonderful that Paula and friends could come for a visit.

  4. There is nothing better than old friendships. Sometimes they know you better than anyone else. Love this photo in front of the sign. You look lovely, Mary. Such a stylish woman, you are. Your coat is beautiful. Deb

  5. Mary, this is an adorable photo of the two of you. You will need to frame this one! I agree, friendships that span the years are truly special. Merry Christmas to you, Bob, and Paula! ~ Sarah

  6. What a wonderful testament to friendship - there is nothing quite like a friendship where you have grown up together over such a long time sharing each others trials and tribulations, but also each others happiness and joys.

  7. When friendships last this long and miles do not keep you forever separated, it was made in Heaven. Love that photo and am pleased to see the shop's name is Two Old Birds and so the caption does not refer to you gals because you are both looking mighty fine! Had to go see where Paula took you! Oh my. Yes, I remember reading about that journey...quite the unique adventurous trip.

  8. Oh Mary, what a wonderful Christmas visit. So glad she could come. I had forgotten you were both from the same town in England.
    How special. These are the kinds of events that make a holiday extra special.


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