Friday, December 26, 2014

Eggs, pasta ------------- and bacon perhaps!

Happy Boxing Day to all my British, Canadian,
Australian, New Zealand, African readers - any and all around the world who 
celebrate this fun day.

 I rarely eat a 'cooked breakfast' preferring a bowl of oatmeal with fresh berries, 
yogurt (my current favorite being Noosa brand's strawberry rhubarb), or just 
slice of toast (must be really crunchy bread, dislike soft toast) with English thick cut, 
slightly bitter orange marmalade. . . . . and coffee, lots of strong black coffee.

Bob enjoys making his own breakfast most mornings - cereal with berries 
and banana, yogurt, a toasted English muffin and orange juice.
On Christmas morning I decided to surprise him with this breakfast
dish simply called Bacon and Egg Linguine. It kicked off a relaxing morning 
with something unsweetened to tide us over until dinner in the early evening. 
Recipe is simple and would be easy to make for a small brunch crowd.
 Cook linguine until al dente.  Meanwhile dry-fry pancetta or thin sliced bacon 
until crisp, drain on a paper towel and keep warm
Drain pasta, add a little olive oil, freshly grated Parmesan cheese, finely 
chopped parsley and good grinding of black pepper. Serve in warmed bowls, 
topping pasta with the bacon and a fried or poached egg cooked your favorite way.

My own version is without the bacon of course. I enjoyed it and think this would 
make a good Boxing Day brunch, lunch---------or a light supper dish with a green salad alongside.


  1. I haven't had breakfast yet and now I want this!!!! It's all your fault! :)

  2. That's my kind of breakfast minus the bacon. Looks delish. Enjoy your Boxing Day, Mary. Deb

  3. Oh boy! That looks very yummy indeed, Mary! Happy Boxing Day to you and Bob!


  4. Looks delicious, Mary! Love the EB dishes too. They always make me smile.
    Happy Boxing Day! ~ Sarah

  5. The breakfast looks oh so good.
    I had left over stollen and a pot of black tea.
    Then Jim and I went out for a late lunch.
    Hope your Boxing Day was extra special.

  6. That looks delish but I need to stop eating NOW!
    The leftovers have been tossed.

  7. I'm quite with you on all those breakfast items other than bacon-- don't eat it but do love the smell!


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