Sunday, December 7, 2014

Downtown, where all the lights are bright. . . . . . .

. . . . . . and enjoying a new bakery was fun!

Clear and cool Friday evening , l'heure bleu just kicking in, and we headed 
downtown for a quick 'staycation'. 
We had to use up an about to expire free Hilton Honors voucher award and, with 
no time to head out of town, we decided to stay in town and enjoy the lovely
evening with the locals. 
Our later evening included a delicious dinner at a popular restaurant, followed 
by an outdoor nightcap on the terrace of an Irish pub close by the hotel. . . . . . . . . 
but prior to that we discovered this brand new Patisserie which opened last week.

Lucette and Grace, daughters of the owner/chef, have their names up in lights in the city! 
Their daddy named his very attractive French patisserie after them.

The offerings here are fantastic, plenty for the sweet tooth and some tasty-sounding 
breakfast savories when you stop by in the morning. We managed to slip in a late 
teatime treat - and shared this fabulous marzipan and raisin apple tart with excellent coffee.

Bob got comfy in the window. The ambience is definitely bright and welcoming, 
exposed brick walls, bright yellow Tolix-style French chairs/stools, a large 
wood communal table if you bring in your own group of friends, or just to sit at
 and meet new friends. The staff was very pleasant and helpful.

While I was enjoying my tart, I just couldn't help thinking how wonderful this 
place would have been years back. . . . . .  .when both of us worked literally a 
stone's throw away, my office on the left, Bob's around the corner to the right.
Raleigh was so different then, a French bakery was unheard of here. . . . . and 
other than a few good typically southern breakfast biscuit places, suddenly I found 
myself, an Englishwoman no less, in a part of the country where tea seemed only 
available in a huge glass, and it was iced - which of course was definitely not my 
way to enjoy a teatime cuppa!

If you're in our area be sure to stop and enjoy a sweet treat here at LucetteGrace.


  1. Ahhh, but something brought you back to North Carolina, didn't it? But what a life you've had. And, now this charming little bakery!
    I definitely think it will succeed. And Bob looks so happy & handsome. Happy Holidays !!

  2. While the rustic apple tart was a sweet treat, I had to fight for every bite.


  3. There's no doubt I would enjoy a visit there. But...too far. Nice to take a peek, though. Deb

  4. How wonderful - the little getaway in a hotel, dining out, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city, and this lovely French cafe. It looks amazing and so do all the treats in the display case. I hope they are a success. Thanks for sharing and for taking these pics.

  5. What a lovely bakery wish we had something like that in the Highlands. Hardly get time to blog at all now life a bit hectic. But love dropping by yours to take a peak.
    Have a lovely Christmas Annie x

  6. The bakery sounds divine. Yes, we southerners do love sitting on the porch with a tall glass of ice. Thankfully though many of us have had the privilege of being introduced to the art of afternoon tea, and enjoy it as well. I was fortunate to meet a wonderful lady, several decades ago, who invited me to join her each afternoon. Have a wonderful week!

  7. What a wonderful treat, your weekend away sounds amazing. I caught sight of my favourite Breton teatime favourite Kouign Amman on display in the patisserie, mmmm.

  8. What a charming place. I love the bright ambiance. Gorgeous treats displayed so temptingly. I remember the first time I visited the southern states and ordered tea in a restaurant and it came ICED! It seemed very odd to me.

  9. Now that sounds like a lot of spend time in your own corner as a guest. You have shown your hometown in a loving and lovely light.

  10. What a sweet place to enjoy a little snack. We have a bakery - just plain - nothing fancy - but is it called the Mt. Bakery - which is a play on the words Mt. Baker - our fabulous 10,000 foot mountain nearby. There are other bakeries in town, but none so cleverly named.

  11. This bakery does look wonderful.
    How lovely to have a night out, what
    a very special treat.

  12. It sure looks like a place not to miss.....

  13. It all looks so tasty! I just love that photo you snapped of Grandpa :) He looks so content with his coffee (?) sitting in the window with all of the pretty lights around him. The blue and yellow complementary colors are lovely. Richard and I will need to visit this patisserie in the New Year!

    xo Cassie


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