Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It crept up on me!

Gosh, I was having such a good time at the coast I completely forgot that December was knocking at the door!

Eugène Samuel Grasset (Swiss, 1845-1917)

So a little break from blogging needed because, like you, I have so much to do in December. 
I still have cards to write to people far away across the pond, to the north and west. 
I've started decorating the cottage for the Christmas holidays but I have more, a lot more, 
to do. I've shopping planned, recipes to organize, baking to get started on, 
lists to check, concerts to attend, company visiting, and a very special wedding.
I'll be back soon!



  1. Whew..Mary, I am out of breath just reading what all you have planned. Have a wonderful time preparing for the Christmas season and please delight us with a photo of your beautiful home decked out for Christmas. Just one, even....pretty please. :)

  2. Enjoy your break and Christmas celebrations Mary.

  3. Enjoy your blog break. Wishing you and your family a good time. Enjoy the festivities!

    Madelief x

  4. You deserve a little vacation. We will be here when you get back. Happy Holiday preparations. ox, Gina

  5. That sounds like a busy break. See you soon. xx Pam

  6. Call me a Grinch but all the young ones are grown and I do Starbucks cards. Easy peasy. I HATE shopping at Christmas time.

  7. Oh Mary, I would love to have a day with you as your Christmas activities unfold. Enjoy your time away from blogging. Sometimes we just have to do it to get on with life.
    I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for all your lovely messages throughout the year.
    Much Love

  8. I love the image Mary - the Hellebores poking through the snow, and the fair maiden with her apron full of mistletoe.

  9. Enjoy it all! Thinking of you and Bob as you enjoy the season.


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