Thursday, May 12, 2016

Raleigh to London to Dublin. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . really was a long journey, about 23 hours door to door.
Smooth flight but oh those main cabin seats - they get more uncomfortable 
every time we fly. Needless to say, little or no sleep during the 7.5 hours
aloft all night. 
But we made it and are now unpacked and comfortable in our 
bright and spacious Dublin hotel room overlooking the 
River Liffey.

At Heathrow during our layover I looked but didn't buy! 

Leaving very busy Heathrow and heading West across the Irish Sea.

Coming in for our landing in Dublin - what a perfect day for flying.

Almost too exhausted to take photos, but snapped the river outside the hotel
 before coming in to unpack and have a short little rest. . . . .lying flat rather than
 scrunched up in an uncomfortable plane seat. We'll pop out early evening for a look
 around and a light meal. The weather is absolutely fabulous - and it should remain
 this way for our entire five days here in the city. Then we'll be touring around the
 beautiful countryside south and west of Ireland. . . . . .more likely in rain.

My first Irish experience has been very nice - the welcome at the hotel was
wonderful, and a sweet Irish lass just delivered chocolates to our door.
What more can one hope for!


  1. Glad to hear you made it safe and sound to Dublin, but my goodness, what a long flight! I know you will be exhausted and jet-lagged but I hope you'll be able to adjust a bit and enjoy your trip. Can't wait to see photos of Ireland and show them to my husband, too as that's where his father's family is from and he's never been to Ireland.

  2. Delighted that you and Bob have arrived safely Mary - you had a gorgeous day for your arrival, perfect weather. Happy exploring.

  3. Cead mile failte Mary and Bob!
    I remember clearly how excited I felt when I touched down in Dublin one year ago!
    Soak up the great Irish hospitality!
    Shane x

  4. Thank you for taking the time to post. I've always wanted to go. When I fly, I get the big eye; cannot sleep in coach or first class. Stay wide awake then cannot function for two days. That time change kills me. I so wish it is everything you hope and more.

  5. Good to know that you have arrived. Oh your bed is going to feel so wonderful tonight. Sleep well...

  6. Mary, I'm looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing your adventures in Ireland. We love it there and I'm hoping to return soon. I hope you have a chance to go into Trinity College in Dublin and see the library. Have a wonderful trip! Linda

  7. And you are off again! Glad to know that you are safely there. Have a faboulous time and return to us with great stories and photos to share.

  8. These are fabulous pictures from the plane, Mary! So glad you are getting rested after a long flight. I know you are going to enjoy your time in Ireland.

    I will get back to you within the next few days as Alan is trying to clear his calendar. He lost an attorney in his office 2 weeks ago, a vital one who did a lot of his court business so he is now in the office bright and early everyday. He has difficulty finding someone to cover his court appearances. Still, we need a vacation. Working on a visit your way the last week of July. I'll let you know ASAP.

    Love to you and Bob...have a wonderful time!!! :)


  9. I remember that mostly shades of green view flying into Dublin. WE loved the West Coast. folk are very friendly there. Safe journeying. ( there is never such a thing as too many photos on your go, do your thing! )

  10. I'm glad your flight went well. Ireland through your lens is going to be a delightful experience. I have to admit that I'm rather dreading the long flight from here to London. Any tips for making the most of the flight?

  11. I'm never able to blog when I travel because I haven't figured out how to do it from my iPhone and never take anything else with me. Not even a camera. Your point and shoot takes great pictures. :)

  12. Amazing photos - what glorious colors. Sounds like a fabulous trip.

  13. I esp love that 5th photo down of the green green fields as you descended. Wonderful post and photos. Yes, those journeys are jsut too long but shorter from Raleigh than form here, let me tell you! And I of course remind myself that people used to do wagons and then boats! I don't know how they ever did it!

    What a lovely welcome btw.


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