Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wexford back to Dublin. . . . . . . . . .

Tried to do this post on the train to Galway yesterday but the WIFI was having a 
few problems when it came to Adobe Flash - kept telling me to update, wouldn't
 allow me to use PicMonkey to edit the pix a little bit.
So, can't write much - just some pretty views along the tracks returning to Dublin
 from that recent day trip to Wexford - just under 2.5 hours. 
Ireland is an easy country to get around.


  1. People say how green Ireland is, and your photos certainly show that. Glad all is going well on your trip.

  2. Used to be even easier when I was a youngster

  3. Oh Mary
    I feel as though I'm there with you!
    The scenes are so familiar and your photos over the water are beautiful!
    Wish I was there!
    Shane x

  4. So lovely. Love that gold! Great shots and great weather...still! :)


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