Saturday, May 7, 2016

One final bow. . . . . . . . . . . .

The best news of the entire week for me was that Ringling Bros. stepped up
 to the plate at long last, not only following through with a promise to remove
 their touring elephants from the circus by 2018, but doing it much earlier!
 The last performance of tricks and synchronized dances occurred last Sunday
 in Providence, Rhode Island.These beautiful and amazing creatures will now
 be moved to a Florida conservation center where they can live and breed in
 an environment a little kinder and more natural.
We all know how sad it is to see such huge animals being made to exist in small
 areas and perform tricks which can maim, even kill them. Elephants are not built
 to stand on two legs!

Here in these older posts you can see me spending time with both Asian (in Thailand) 
and African (in Botswana) elephants, learning the proper way to care for and treat
 these gentle giants. . . . . . they are the most wonderful animals in every way.
Both these locations cared deeply for their elephants. There were no performances
of any kind - these animals enjoy their farm work and have time off to do what 
elephants enjoy doing - mostly eating I think!

Elephants I viewed in the bush at Mala Mala, S. Africa in 2012

I was surprised to find these vintage circus posters stamps just last week. 
Several are colorful and fun, but two depict performing elephants. I wonder if
 they will become collectors' items some day, when making animals
 perform for people in inhumane ways is no longer an issue.


  1. I was elated when they made the final move - may the elephants enjoy their new lives.

  2. Thank goodness. No animal was born to perform for humans.

  3. I was over-the-moon at that news. About time!

  4. That is great news! I love those adorable stamps.

  5. Now if we could just stop the hunting on safaris. Love your elephant pillow.

    1. Penny please be assured I've never been on a hunting safari in any African country. . . . we only 'shoot' photos! The ones we go on are completely against any type of hunting, in fact it's illegal where we have visited, and of course horrendous when it does occur. Some countries on that continent do it and target wealthy international people (recall the American dentist last year) as a way to fund illegal activity by the so-called 'governments' and underworld. Killing a beautiful and helpless animal for a body part or trophy is the most despicable thing imaginable.

      Pillow was from Pottery Barn - I love it too!

      Hugs - Mary

  6. I have always felt sorry for the animals in circuses. I'm glad this will be the new policy.

  7. BRavo on that for certain! Good news.


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