Friday, May 27, 2016

Goodbye Killarney - we'll be back again!

A five day stay in Killarney was our jumping off point for two very special 
day trips by coach - the Dingle Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry.
I will be sharing those amazing trips with you when I have more time -
just know that the scenery was magnificent and I hope to return again 
for another trip some day. 
Ireland has been so special in every way and I'm truly loving it here.

Killarney Lakes

Several days spent in Killarney included a lot of traditional music which
 we loved.
Stopping by to hear Iive music in pubs every evening also brought interesting
 conversations with locals and other tourists. . . . . . . and on the small town streets
 there were numerous groups or individual singers belting out the best in Irish
 songs and tunes.

Now in Tralee, home to the world-famous Rose of Tralee International Beauty Pageant.
Bob is busy searching for more information on his Sullivan family roots - so leaving here 
this morning by taxi for the nearby small town of Castleisland where his paternal
 grandfather was born and lived before taking the boat with so many others to Boston
in the late 1800's.
 Hopefully a visit to the parish church and a look around the burial grounds might bring something interesting to add to what Bob has discovered so far!


  1. You are so right: the scenery is magnificent! Wonderful. Your pictures are fantastic and could easily be in a book about Ireland. I could look at these all day long.

  2. What a gorgeous glad you're having a good time. I love that you even hang out in the pubs in the evening and talk with locals and other tourists.

  3. Mary,

    Your pictures and experiences are truly bringing Ireland alive for me. Both of my sons have been many times but you know boys---

    Love across the miles.


  4. Simply wonderful shots, Mary. I was listening to a reel in my head as I scrolled through your posts - you are obviously having a fabulous time! Look forward to hearing the results of the family history tracking. Alas, having just launched the new site I now have to take a break for a week or two - bad timing - posts have been scheduled, but I have A LOT of catching up to do on the comment front.

  5. Beautiful photos of the country. Finally trying to catch up and see what your adventure is looking like. I will start posting this week. Hugs, M

  6. I love the Dingle Peninsular and the have driven the Ring of Kerry a couple of times. It's wonderful scenery and wonderful friendly people too. I hope to visit Ireland again soon.

  7. Killarney was my second favorite area...Connemara being my favorite. That entire area of Ireland is magic!

  8. You've given us such a great template, Mary, for a future holiday in Ireland.

  9. I can't wait to hear more of Bob's search for family history. Exciting for him I'm sure. We have a Killarney Lake in Fredericton. I wonder what the history is behind its name.

  10. How amazing for you two to search for those roots for bob's family. I ADORE the photos and totally would love that traditional music. Wonderful. That top photo of Killarney Lakes is incredible. So glad it was all been so riveting for you.


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