Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Break required - lightning strike!

As we rush around readying for the upcoming trip
of course things had to happen to stop us in our tracks!
We have no cable, therefore no TV, no Internet, and no land line to call
hotels in Ireland to make the remaining hotel reservations, grrrrrrr! 
As of yesterday afternoon, when a lightning bolt, the likes of which I've
 never seen, heard or felt before - pretty scary - struck a big oak tree next to
 the cottage, stripping its bark and tossing it hither and thither, but thankfully
 not crashing to the ground or on our roof.

Just to let you know I have to take a break, can't comment now - but will be back
soon hopefully. 
Thankfully coffee shops have WIFI but I can't spend the day here!


  1. So happy you both are safe. I'll be in touch.


  2. Sounds way too exciting by half! Glad that you are well even if the electronics have been knocked for a loop.

  3. Oh, wow! Such bad timing. I'm glad you are okay and hope that you can get things arranged without too much hassle.

  4. yikes! hope all is better now? Sounds scary. We had some thunderstorms rumble through Charleston this evening as well. That lightning was very bright!

  5. I'm frightened of lightening, we often have storms in Spring too Mary.
    We have a massive protected Totara tree ar the side of our townhouse - I worry if lightening strikes it could crash on to our roof..,,,,
    Last minute details needing attention - thank goodness for Wifi in coffee shops!
    Marilyn leaves on her trip tomorrow!
    Shane x

  6. Lightening can be destructive. It hit a tree next to where my husband's car was parked and traveled underground and did more than $2000. damage to the inner workings. Hope it works soon.

  7. Oh dear - hope it gets all settled soon. I've been out on the deck enjoying spring and not spending much time on the internet - have to catch up on older posts.

  8. Oh dear, that is not good. I'm glad the lightning didn't strike your cottage or that the tree didn't crack and crash down on it! Good thing it happened before you get away on your trip. Wishing all will be well for you as you prepare to leave. Hugs. Pam

  9. So sorry this happened to you! Though I know it could've been worse...I'm glad your house was spared. Can you call the hotels from your cell phone?

  10. Oh my, oh my!!!! Take care and travel well.


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