Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Homeward Bound ~

~ Kinsale harbor, County Cork ~
"Farewell beautiful Ireland"

"Hello dear England" 
Our favorite pub for supper on the way 
home - The Pheasant Inn near Heathrow 
airport - a short walk from our hotel.
We flew from Ireland to England this afternoon
 and will be crossing the pond tomorrow.


  1. Hope you have a good trip home Mary.

  2. Safe journey home Mary and look forward to many tales of your trip to Ireland. XXXX

  3. It doesn't seem possible that the trip is over. But then, it'll never be far from your heart.

  4. By now you are well on your way and I wish you a safe journey.

  5. Hope you've arrived home safely and are tucked up in bed after your wonderful trip.
    The photograph of Kinsale harbour is stunning. Welcome Home!

  6. Gorgeous! Like vintage postcards.

  7. Mary, I hope you are safely home and settled back in after your wonderful trip to Ireland. I know you will post more about your travels soon and I look forward to reading about it all. Have a lovely weekend. xx Pam

  8. OOh, I will have to keep that pub in mind! :)

  9. My wife follows your blog and she showed me the pic and your description of the Pheasant Inn near Heathrow. I've been doing some contract work in Worthing and sometimes travel to LHR on Friday evening for an early departure Saturday. So last week I explored the Pheasant while staying at the Marriott and found the place quite interesting. What a buzz of activity with an unique mix of tourists and locals. I very much enjoyed your favorite pub.


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