Tuesday, September 20, 2016

African guides. . . . . . . . .

One cannot enjoy Kenya's wilder side without great guides and drivers, often
the same person.
Tirian is our full time Maasai guide/driver here at the Mara Plains safari camp.
  I will have so much to share about this very special man, his Maasai community,
 family, and friends, when I have more time and better Internet service here.
Tirian Koya, wearing traditional Maasai shuka, many years Paula's friend, our
 wonderful new friend!

Photo via Paula

Bob. Tirian and me ready to set up bush breakfast in the cool of the morning
 on the Maasai Mara.

This is Ken, our fabulous African Horizons driver and guide around Nairobi.
 He drove us from the airport when we arrived in the evening, and made sure
 we arrived safely at our hotel.  Next day he collected us after breakfast and took
 us to the Karen Blixen Museum (see previous post), then to the Giraffe Center
 where it was fun hand feeding those handsome tall animals. We then went on to
 lunch in a very nice outdoor restaurant before driving to the small Wilson Airport
 for our one hour flight to the Mara.

Giraffe Center

We enjoyed Ken's company very much and, although together just a short time,
 learned a lot about Nairobi's history and present day happenings.

Every day here is so special - we have seen unbelievable wildlife and are
busy from dusk until long before dawn!


  1. Amazing trip Mary. I am enjoying your travels. Going to the library today to get "Out of Africa".

  2. How wonderful to have these special guides along the way. Your trip is just wonderful.

  3. Your trip sounds amazing. I need to see 'Out of Africa' again.

  4. Oh, feeding the giraffe. Only thing better would be to feed an elephant or fool that I am, a gorilla.

    1. Donna, I did hand feed elephants in Botswana a few years back! We rode them - rescued elephants - from our elephant camp, then took them for their daily break in the bush so they could mingle with wild elephants, and got to feed them - so much fun!

      Mary -

  5. Wonderful photo, Mary. What a trip!

  6. You are wearing a big smile and that is a good sign that you are having a wonderful time. Great photos!

  7. We are so enjoying your trip---yes, even Al. I'll get him to write a comment sooner or later!

    Wonderful guides and you look so at home in your outfits!


  8. Enjoying all your updates...how cool to feed the giraffes!

  9. I love the wide open spaces and the wide open smiles of the guides! Wish I could see Africa!!

  10. What a wonderful trip! Your photos are outstanding. To be able to visit Karen’s museum in the hills would also be a dream for me. I visited her house in Denmark but the one in Africa is something special. I loved the book and saw the movie several times. Once I saw it on Ethiopian TV while in Addis Ababa – so close to Kenya but not close enough. Your experienced guides must help you appreciate your visit so much more. After reading the book I started a collection of vintage African books – must have over 400 now. As a coincidence I just started “East African Journey 1929-1930” by Margery Perham. I love your photos.

  11. Oh my - what adventures you are having. I'm enjoying every post.

  12. I'm working my way backwards, but having an amazing evening tagging along on this incredible trip, Mary.
    Makes me smile to see the little bag is still making these trips. '-)

  13. I'm making note for whenever I may get to Kenya! :) Sl glad you had a good guide. I'm sure that makes the word of difference and you can tell that this man is warm and kind.


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