Sunday, September 11, 2016

Farewell Summer. . . . . . . . . roll on Autumn

Here it is, another scorching hot Sunday and I'm doing the last minute 
household chores before leaving town tomorrow.
I like to change the linens, wash the kitchen floor, the bathrooms, vacuum
floors and throw a dust cloth around the tops - just makes me feel better to 
know that I will arrive home later with some semblance of a clean and tidy house.
Also, when family come by to check the house they won't think it's a mess -
something my dear mother instilled in me I guess, she was a neat and clean

A beach in Ireland ~ May 2016

Saying goodbye to Summer is not hard for me.
 It is my least enjoyed season here in the southeast USA.

Roll on Autumn with your cooler days and lovely nights.
Bring your golden colors to the garden and woodland.
Drop your leaves and acorns around us as the flowers 
curl up to sleep. Share with us your harvest bounty of
pumpkins, squash and roots.

The wood pile is high, the chimney cleaned.
 The sweaters stacked, scarves, socks and gloves fill
 the drawers. Boots polished and brushed, jackets
hanging near the door.  

I'm off to Africa for a little while, but I'll soon be
 back and I'll be ready for Autumn days on
 my return. Leaving tomorrow - fly to London then on
to Nairobi - it will be a 22 hour journey with a long 
layover between flights.
I really hope to be able to keep in touch whilst
 in Kenya and to show you some special places, people,
 and of the beautiful animals. . . . . so please check back
 here when you have time. 
I'll try to read your posts but forgive me if I'm unable
 to comment - as usual, all depends on the availability of 
the Internet.

P.S. Yes, there has been a large 5.7 earthquake in Tanzania today!
It was centered on the other side of Lake Victoria, but tremors may
have been felt in the area of Kenya where our safari camp is located.
The sad deaths and many injuries, along with damage which has
occurred, is quite a distance from where we'll be staying.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of the area.


  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels the need to leave a tidy house behind when travelling.
    Your upcoming trip sounds like another wonderful adventure. I wish you safe travels. Enjoy every moment. Will be looking forward to your photos and travelogue.

  2. Will be thinking about you Mary on your fabulous trip

  3. I am also looking forward to autumn. It is a season which very often gives us a miss as summer tarries to mid-November sometimes. Thankfully it's cooler these past few days but I am still longing for rain. Enjoy your trip.

  4. Susan Branch is off to Scotland and you are off to Kenya; believe me, I will be checking in. I am sure that you will be grateful for the domestic chores you've been doing today when you return in a few weeks. Have a blast!

  5. I clean my house before I leave on a trip, too - even if just for a weekend! Safe travels, Mary. Will be exciting to hear from you and see photos of your beautiful trip!

  6. I enjoy your writing so much, Mary...your description of fall is something I can see with my eyes closed.

    I wish safe travels for you and Bob and for the long layover! I would be out of my mind on a 22 hour flight but I've been known to sleep for hours on planes.

    Looking forward to your posts my dear and brave friends!!!

    Love and hugs,


  7. Have a good trip. Like you I try to leave everything clean and tidy when I go away. Makes coming home so much pleasantries.

  8. Have a safe journey, Mary, and a great time in Kenya!
    Like you, I leave my place clean and tidy when I travel, as much for my own benefit as for that of whoever is in charge of my mail and house keys. (But then again it is mostly clean and tidy when I'm in, too - there is simply not all that much occasion to create a mess when you live on your own and are out to work all day, is there.)

  9. Dear Mary, I am so excited for you. You go to the most special places. Make sure your camera is ready because I know that we will be seeing some amazing photographs.
    Bon Voyage!

  10. Mary, I am the exact same way with regards to summer. SO don;t like it in CO even though it is dry, it is high up and the sun very intense. Each summer gets hotter adn hotter-usually in the 90's and scorching. Ugh.

    Anyway, so glad as I write this that it is cooler for us both adn you are safe from your fabulous adventure you and Bob got to do. Thank you for all the photos and stories. I feel likeI was jsut there too. Wonderful.


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