Thursday, September 22, 2016

Here's looking at you. . . . . . . . .

It's 5:30am, another cool Kenya morning. 
My game drive leaves at 6:15am and I'll be bundled up, BUT by around 11am
 the sun will be hot as we go in pursuit of more beautiful animals.
I love to capture the faces of animals, and birds, when they seem to be looking
 directly at you, or at least in your direction. Here are some photos from the current 
safari trip which I was able to add last evening - hope you enjoy!
Thanks for all your lovely comments on the lions in the last post. They really are
abundant and breathtaking in this area.
Must run now - have a great weekend - we leave the camp tomorrow and return
to Nairobi.

Burchell's zebra
Lioness with kill
Ring-tailed mongoose
Hippo with Oxpecker birds
Wildebeest - one of the million plus we viewed!
Yellow-billed stork
Dik dik
Bull elephants

Don't be scared!


  1. Wow - I am so impressed, these are great photos! I bet if I had been there, every animal I would have wanted to capture on camera had turned their back on me, or simply never showed up!
    It is definitely worth getting up so early to see all that beauty. Can't decide which one I like most (maybe the giraffe), but then I don't have to, of course.

  2. Fantastic picture book quality photos Mary - the details are wonderful to see - I am partial to hippos, and what about those teeth on the croc!

  3. Mary, you'd literally have to strap me down in the vehicle. Here kitty kitty... Fantastic. Take thousands of pics.

  4. Oh my, but some wonderful captures with your camera. How totally wonderful. A dream come true, I am sure!

  5. Stunning photos! Was just sharing with my husband.

  6. You are quite the animal whisperer! They all seem to be posing for you. (Maybe not the vulture.)

  7. Oh my Mary .... what an adventure you are having ...... fantastic photographs of such beautiful animals in the wild. Have a brilliant time. XXXX

  8. OH.MY.GOODNESS!! The animals are incredible, and your photography is too!!!

  9. My favourite one is the giraffe. What are the animals in the 8th from the top photo?
    Please keep shooting Mary....we'll keep looking.

  10. Mary, I am enjoying "traveling" along with you! We have never been on a safari but have friends who are asking us to go, so maybe someday soon. I am wondering if you ever feel fearful due to the conditions or the proximity of the animals? All of your photos are great but I especially love the one of the hippo with the birds sitting on top. Looking forward to seeing more. Linda

  11. Mary, just want to chime in that I continue to enjoy seeing the world through you. You are an extraordinary photographer and I so appreciate your making the effort to share your travels! I cannot imagine how it must feel to be so near such amazing animals. I am sure that I would be so awestruck (or afraid!) that I would not be capable of framing and snapping photos.

  12. Amazing, amazing photos, Mary!


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