Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Help for cheese-aholics!

If I had more display space, I'd be a true collector of antique/vintage cheese keepers!
As it is, I only have this one, and yes, it's really huge!
I'm using it here to familiarize you with an item I really love and make good use of,
Let's face it, if you've ever shopped at Harrods you know there's a lot of very
 posh stuff, much of which is way out of my price range, and won't fit in a suitcase
easily anyway. You can hear Bob's sigh of relief I'm sure!
However, in the fabulous Food Hall, there can be found little kitchen treasures
which will tuck in easily and don't break the bank.

I found this when visiting Harrods in London last year and immediately 
grabbed a couple of packs. It comes ten sheets to a pack for £4.95
 (about 60 cents/50p per sheet) and does a fabulous job keeping cheese fresh.
 As we're often told, cheese doesn't keep well in plastic wrap, whereas this
 heavy paper with what appears to be a shiny waxed inside, keeps cut cheese
blocks or wedges in perfect condition for several weeks. Especially useful if you
 buy at places such as Costco where the portions are huge and last quite a while
 (even for cheese-aholics like me!), such as this really good
 Spanish Manchego I buy there, along with Cheddar and Asiago.

I'm on my last pack of paper now and definitely want more.
I won't be shopping in the city of London again any time soon, however 
I will have a layover at Heathrow on the return from Kenya so I'll be checking
 out the small Harrods airport shop, if I can reach it, in hopes they sell it there!

Do you love cheese. . . . . and a great bread to go with it?
Any other tips on storing cheese - or eating it - always welcomed!


  1. Love the paper decorated with the animals, and wish you luck getting it at the airport Mary - why don't you email Harrods and say that you would really like to buy this item on your stopover at Heathrow, you never know they might oblige.

    1. Good suggestion Rosemary, I may just do that. If any company might do that, it would be Harrods perhaps!
      Thanks dear.
      Mary -

  2. Those cheese papers are cute! I love Kirkland's manchego too. We buy the block and cut it into thirds. Then we use our food saver sealer and seal them and store the extra two in the freezer. The hard cheeses freeze well.

  3. What pretty paper for wrapping cheese. I use plain waxed paper and then tuck it into a plastic bag, or sometimes just in a plastic bag. I agree that cheese wrapped in plastic doesn't store as well.

  4. My next day visit to London is in October... can you wait that long? I'm popping in there so let me know my lovely xx

  5. Cheese and bread are my staple food, plus chocolate (not eaten together). I can't imagine life without any of the three! But I must admit I do not have any particular requirements to the storing of cheese apart from that it should be in the fridge, and taken out a while before I eat it so as to allow it to develop its full aroma.

  6. This is, without a doubt, the classiest way I've seen to keep cheese fresh. Leave it to Harrods to offer such a product. I hope you are successful in finding a new supply at the airport.
    We love cheese here. It tends to be slipped into a Ziploc bag between times. It tends to get eaten before the mold starts to grow. Although, I occasionally find one that has been pushed to the back of the drawer and is a bit furry.

  7. I love cheese, but I love Harrod's more. I've only been once, but to me it is heaven.

  8. I love cheese, but it doesn't always settle well with my tummy. So often I have cheese go bad in the refrigerator. This would be terrific. Hope you find it at the airport. Funny, but this reminds me that I did browse in their airport shop before coming home and still regret not having bought one of the things I saw there. Now wondering if we can find this cheese paper online?

  9. Good luck Mary! It sounds like such a good idea. I wrap cheese in waxed paper or in aluminum foil. Never in plastic.

  10. Lovely way to store cheese - hope you find some.

  11. I am using cheese paper! I love vintage wooden cheese keepers!

  12. I do love cheese, but I try to limit myself! Hubby is the cheese-a-holic. ;-) We have such wonderful markets here, we can get all kinds of cheeses. Trader Joes even has a wonderful selection. I wrap my cheese in wax paper, then stick it in a plastic bag. I checked on amazon for cheese paper and they have several, in case you're interested.

  13. Alexandra let me know that you are soon traveling (Kenya, I see!) so thought it was high time to pop by for a visit and wish you safe and good travels! I need to catch up with you, Mary! things are going as well as coudl be, all things considered here, in Yorkshire. Hope you and all are well! I will visit again when able and go back to wherever I was upon the last visit.

    I went to Harrods twice, each time amazed at all the incredibly expensive race cars imported from the Middle East for their owners escaping the heat there. Must say, did not actually buy anything but am sure that if its from there, it's going to work wonderfully.

  14. I am also a cheese-aholic! I love every type of cheese there is. . .and I could really, really use this cheese paper. I see someone has already mentioned Amazon as a source, and I'll have to take a hop over there to see what they have. Love your images!

    1. Cynthia - found out that Sur La Table is selling a cheese wrap paper and bags online. I have a shop close by here so will check it out later today if time permits and see if the shop has any.

      Mary -


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