Wednesday, September 7, 2016

More about Nala. . . . . . . .

 Nala on my lap this morning.

When I agreed to take care of sweet Nala whilst her 'dad' went on vacation
for two weeks, I said I could manage to hop the fence twice a day through
 yesterday - then I would need a few days to prepare for Africa.
Another friend was going to start today and watch out for her through
 Sunday when her 'dad' returns.
Guess what, Nala and I have become such good friends I texted my neighbor
 yesterday and asked if I could continue through end of day Friday and he 
gave me a thumbs up! 
I've cared for Nala a few times before but perhaps not quite long enough to have
 her actually bond with me. Now we are best friends and she seems to love it when
 I arrive, greeting me with meows, twirling about my legs, and looking up at
the cat treats on the shelf knowing she'll soon have a couple to munch!!!
 She then climbs into my lap and we have a lovely cuddle with purrs and kneading
 biscuits, I tell her stories about the kitty I used to have, Ms. Tiny who was with us
 for a long 21 years!
Then a quick brush of her beautiful fur coat, and out on the sun porch for the day
so she can watch birds and squirrels from the windows.
She is a very sweet cat and no trouble at all.

Oops, it's after 5:30 pm. Time to hop the fence and go for some cuddle time!
Today I've just about finished my packing for Kenya, written overdue e-mails,
 ordered a new camera, baked lemon zucchini muffins, and prepped salmon, fresh
 picked garden tomatoes, and salad for supper.
 Not a bad day at all.


  1. They worm their way into our hearts :)
    She will miss you when you are away .. now go pack :)

  2. A good day indeed! Any day with kitty loven' is the best.

  3. She's a beauty. I think someone is getting attached. :)

  4. You are a special person; cats don't normally take well to someone else caring for them! I look forward to reading about your Kenya trip. We lived in the Great Rift Valley for a year (2011) - the best year of our lives. Enjoy...

  5. Nayla is lovely ..... you will miss her when you get back ....perhaps you will have to get one of your own Mary !!!! XXXX

  6. Cute cat. Nice to hear you've bonded. With cats it can take some time. Sounds like you had a good day.

  7. She is such a beautiful cat! How nice to have her around, it sounds really cozy.

    Kenya is a place I always wanted to visit. Who knows, perhaps one day it will actually be a reality.

  8. Wow, the things you accomplish in one day!
    Nala sounds a lovely cat, really no trouble, and I am not surprised you have decided to keep looking after her until you'll be off to Kenya.

  9. Sounds like a delightful day to me! You're going to miss taking care of Nala when her daddy gets back. :-)


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