Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mara lions from sunrise to sunset. . . . . . . . .

Up early this morning for another spectacular day in Kenya.
It's hard to show you here just how amazing the Maasai Mara landscape is.
Very different from the other African countries I've visited on wildlife safaris. 
Much more open, with fewer trees and vegetation therefore game drives become
hours of animal viewing. The most incredible lion sightings have been nonstop,
starting before dawn - we are out of camp by
6:15 am each day - and lasting until sunset just before 7 pm.

Internet continues to be sporadic and slow, takes a while to load photos,
 so for this post I'll just share some of my shots of the Mara lions and
 lionesses. . . . . . . .and some adorable cubs.


This is how close lions often come
to the vehicle - that's the guide's
seatbelt in front of me!

Dear old Mohawk - more about him later.

Sunset - on our arrival evening - with a few of
the thousands of wildebeest we've seen.

Enjoy these beautiful big cats - and there will be more!


  1. Wonderful big cat photos Mary - thank my lucky stars that I didn't come into this world as a wildebeast though!!!

  2. Wow, what fantastic photos. I doubt I will make it to Africa. Thank you for taking me there!! That last shot, I would enlarge it and frame it and put it up on my wall, just saying!

  3. Absolutely beautiful animals Mary ....... not sure how I'd feel about being so close ..... did you feel threatened at all ? XXXX

  4. Mary, these photos are spectacular. They must love the evenings as it looks so very hot for them.

  5. Amazing shots Mary. What a fabulous experience.

  6. Gorgeous Mary. Makes you want to reach out and tussle their mane.

  7. Wow...look at that sky!!!......

  8. Wow! Incredible photos. The big cats (and the little ones) are so majestic. :)

  9. Thank you Mary for these beautiful photographs. How spectacular they are.

  10. What an amazing place! Your lion photos are beautiful.

  11. Oh, they're so beautiful! I can't imagine seeing these gorgeous beasts up close and personal like that. You are living the life! :-)

  12. I might just be overly emotional today :) but these photos brought tears to my eyes. They are so beautiful, the cubs so cute and the place so wonderful .. if only Man would leave it like that .
    Stop hunting "big game" and stop destroying everything good on the planet.
    Off my soapbox... I love these photos :)

  13. All I can say is "AMAZING!" Wow! What a thrill that must be to be that close to these majestic animals.

  14. Incredible! I am so happy to see these photos and appreciate your tenacity in getting them to us despite the intermittent availability of the www. Thank you!

  15. Yes, the beautiful big cats!

  16. What incredible beasts. It's so wonderful thinking there are still places where they get to be wild and not caged.


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