Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Holidays come so early!

Yes, Christmas decor is already taking over the shops around here - and I'm
 sure it's the same in your area.  Pumpkins and bags of Halloween candy are
 relegated to the sale area, Thanksgiving tableware takes up an aisle, and there
gradually filling many others. . . . . . . . .is Christmas.  Sparkling, shining, draped
and dangling. Colors are the classic red and green, with lots of gold, silver and 

I love these miniature matte white ceramic houses. They were in the
section just inside the entrance of my neighborhood Target - where baskets
 and shelves always hold inexpensive small items for the home, kids,
 and holidays etc.
At $3.99 each I had to have three for the mantel. They have openings
in back to place a votive. I was actually gifted these tea lights on my Birthday
 last week, with a great fragrance they will be perfect to light (carefully) in the 
It's been so warm we haven't even thought about preparing 
the fireplace for use yet. This weekend we'll take the fire screen, tools and 
hearth rug down from the attic and get everything ready for those cold nights
in the not too distant future hopefully. Plenty of wood is stacked in the pile
outside - we are ready for cozy - are you?

This it for me regarding shopping for anything decorative for the holidays
this year,  the reason being. . . . . . . . . . . .watch this space!!!


  1. Those are cute and what a bargain. I love Target.

  2. What sweet little houses! They would be perfect any time of the year. . .Love the painting you show in these photographs (behind the little houses). Was it painted by you or someone you know? It's beautiful!

    1. I wish I could say I am the artist but alas no Cynthia! It's original, picked up at a thrift shop, and yes, like you, I think it's beautiful and really love it.
      Thanks for stopping by - Mary

  3. Hmmm... I will be watching. I'm thinking another trip is on the horizon or, perhaps, a move. Okay, I'll try to be patient. :)
    In the meantime, your little white houses are charming. I must venture out of the grocery section next time I'm in Target.
    Yes, I join you in being ready for cozy.

  4. I love the little ceramic houses at Christmas. One of my favorite things. These are beautiful.

  5. You do find such elegant little decorative items.
    Is there another trip on the horizon?

  6. Those are sweet. Are you leaving again?

  7. Those little houses are great! Are you traveling for Christmas to someplace amazing?

  8. Came in form Biebriebels...There some good sale on halloween candy. I'm trying to stay a way from it. I just don't why they put up Christmas so soon. I shouldn't say much I've started Christmas shopping.
    If you find the time stop in for a cup of coffee

  9. The houses look great in front of the painting, but I can also imagine them looking good in a more "christmassy" way. In less than 3 weeks, Christmas Market in my town will start - it goes through all of the four Advent weeks until the 22nd of December.
    For me, decorating this year will be particularly interesting, because it is the first time I'll do anything like it since I swapped my living room and bedroom and have the new colour schemes in place.

  10. I love those miniature houses! Already thinking about Christmas and candies!

  11. Dear Mary, I love your little white houses. First thought... I would like to paint them, but then, on second thought, not everything has to be colorful...the white is a welcome change. I'm tempted to take a trip to the city.

  12. What an incredible find !!! They are wonderful, so I'm hoping in the car and heading over to my Target to see if they have them. My daughter has a 3-year old and she loves the holidays, so she will be thrilled to have these.
    Good job, Mary

  13. What cute little white houses. I was in Michael's today and was totally amazed at all the Christmas goodies. It was fun to browse, but didn't buy anything except muffin paper cups for those delicious blueberry muffins. I love your recipe so much and we have plenty of blueberries. Beginning to think Christmas with a little gift shopping and card making. Can't wait to hear all about your Christmas.

  14. Someone said that Michaels is already playing Christmas music - gaah, way too early! I'm not ready for any Christmas decorating, but those houses are so could use those year-round! Hmm, speaking of houses, are you perhaps moving?!

    1. No Melanie, no moves planned yet but perhaps one of these days - one level and less garden is so tempting at this time of life!

  15. I can't wait to see how your decorate for Christmas, Mary. Where are the pics? I;ve gone through about 8 posts now, going backwards from today and guessing they must still be forthcoming. I am sure it will be gorgeous. Yes, those lil' houses are perfect. They will look lovely in your sweet cottage. Enjoy! :)


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