Monday, November 7, 2016

Amazing trees of Northern California. . . . . . .

Just a peek into the mighty Redwood forests of northern California.
During our recent visit it rained quite hard off and on due to the remnants of 
the typhoon which hit the Pacific Northwest, but it didn't stop us from
 enjoying ourselves.
I'd never seen these trees before - they are amazing, so large it's
really difficult to even take photos to show you their gigantic size.
Just looking up trying to see the tops 300 feet or more above was
quite painful.

Paula appears so small at the base of this Redwood. . . . . . . 
. . . . . . and here you can perhaps get a better idea as to the 
size of the tree trunk compared to a person.

We drove through two different trees - this one was magnificent.
Bob and Paula - in a tight squeeze!
 Rough-skinned newt resting in the rain.
Pretty leaves growing and dropping - rain-soaked colors.

On a dry day I could imagine sitting here for quite a while, amazed by
 the trees and beauty Nature shares in this forest.

via Paula's iPhone  

Bob and me dwarfed by the forest of Redwood trees
as the rain came down. . . . but the sun peeped through now and
 then. . . . . .it was amazing and so beautiful.

I voted today - November 8, 2016


  1. Mary, even rain can't dampen how beautiful that forest is.

  2. Isn't it an incredible, magical place? Michael proposed to me in the Redwoods. Romantic (and funny) story. You should have him share it some time with you. :) Glad you enjoyed the trip and the rain didn't prevent you from doing so. xx

  3. It is like being on another planet, isn't it :)

  4. A truly enchanted forest! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures with us.

  5. I do love the redwoods. Happy I grew not too far from many of them, including one in our own backyard.

  6. I love the forest in the rain - the big trees often shelter much of the rain, and the fresh scent is just wonderful. Your redwood photos are lovely.

  7. Amazing! I would love to visit this forest. Just magnificent!

  8. Glorious photos - I can almost smell the scent of the rain washed trees. When we lived in Blue Lake (just outside of Arcata) we visited redwoods a lot - some sunny days - some rainy - but all grand. I'm glad you had such a good time visiting friends and redwoods. We had one in our back yard that was dated at over 850 years old - it took four and a half people with outstretched arms - to reach all the way around the trunk. Amazing trees.

  9. All your travel and you;ve never seen the redwoods before then? Wow. Well, so glad you did! In fact, I woudl say the redwood forest (Muir woods, in my case) has to be my favourite nature spot in America! I used to go there when very little and then have been a number of times over each decade of my life, I suspect. In keeping with how much it means to me, I chose to propose to Alexandra the an area called, "the Cathedral in the Woods." -- large open vault-like area. So romantic. :)


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