Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Planning and planting for next year. . . . . . . . . .

Yesterday I planted 100 tulip bulbs in several large decorative pots.
I bought just pink and purple - Queen of the Night, Pink Diamond,
Fancy Frills and Curly Sue, all of which I hope bloom in April
because we'll be away from home in May!
I only plant tulips in pots - the hot humid Summers here mean they 
are basically annuals, rarely returning a second year. Trying to dig 
in hard garden beds is another of those chores I now have to pass on.

Of course these aren't tulips. 
I also bought pansies to plant on top of the bulbs.
 They will bloom until late Winter when the temperature drops really low
and then get their second wind come Spring, blooming profusely until that 
often intense heat arrives here in the south in early Summer.

Note the leaves are falling now - and we've decided to let them pile up for a while. 
Usually we are out there raking constantly, almost daily, this year we don't need that
 much exercise. As long as the back deck is swept/blown, and we can use it without
 breaking our necks from rolling around on the zillion acorns falling this year, all
major raking is on hold for a couple of weeks.

I love pansies and violas, they have sweet 'faces' and always make me happy. 
Bright and beautiful, they bring a splash of color wherever they are planted. . . . . 
. . . . . . . . and they are a whole lot sweeter to talk about than politics.
My blog is not going there!


  1. Love the idea of tulips topped with pansies, I may borrow that idea for my window boxes using the shorter varieties. I don't rake leaves now, once they have been tidied into drifts by the wind I just scoop them into bags for leaf mould.

  2. Good morning Mary. What a delight to see those pretty pansies. I love them and have had to stop my self buying any to plant, as it's now only 4 weeks before I say good bye to my garden. We will be going to a small pretty cottage in the Charente Maritime near to the coast for a few months while we search for a new home. I'm certainly with you for leaving the leaves until they've all fallen as it's like the saying "painting the Forth Bridge " it's never ending. I've planted a few tulip bulbs & 'tete a tete' mini daff's in pots, (much easier for our backs, then bending down) I chose white frilly tulips, can't remember the name. I'll look forward to seeing your lovely colourful selection in the Spring.Take care and look after your back.

  3. I love pansies too, they have such cheerful little faces!

  4. What lovely pansies, and a pretty garden you have. And a very nice blog too!

  5. What a great idea, planting your tulips in pots and planting pansies on top!

  6. Dear Mary, Love all of your photos but that 1st one is a little masterpiece. I love Pansies and Violas. Their little faces seem to follow you wherever you are. I won't be able to plant mine until early spring. Our winters are just too harsh. But I will look forward to seeing yours.

  7. Those pansies are so pretty...they're more of a spring flower here in northern IL. I know your weather is much warmer than ours now though. Only thing still going here is the mums.

  8. Oh! I also love pansies and violas! Tulips are gorgeous! We can't have them much, the squirrels dig them up!

  9. Pansies and violas really are such happy little plants and are a far better subject than that other stuff !!!!!! Beautiful colours and they bring joy to a season that is often a little bleak. Beautiful photographs Mary and what stunning colours. XXXX

  10. Your blog really is a breath of fresh air, Mary. ;-)
    Thank you for this cheerful post!


  11. What sweet faces on those pansies. Love the idea of the tulips covered by pansies in the pots. How wonderful to have blooming flowers throughout the winter and the anticipation for spring.

  12. Tulips underneath pansies are what I like to do, too. I haven't done anything this year, but I think there's still time. Your pansy faces are so pretty - they remind me of my grandmother, for pansies were her favourite flower.

  13. Mary, I like your idea of overprinting the tulip bulbs with pansies! I just planted almost 300 daffodil and crocus bulbs, and just a dozen tulips as the deer dig them up or the rodents get them. I hope your tulips are the early blooming ones and you are able to enjoy them in April. Linda

  14. Your winter and spring garden will be so pretty. We plant everything in pots - on the deck - because we have so many deer here - and they think tulips especially, are candy.

  15. I love pansies and violas too. So dainty and sweet and bright! Can't wait to see your bloom next Spring. It's going to look fabulous!


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